About the Concept of Revolution

Talking to colleagues about the revolution, it is necessary to ascertain the fact that many do not understand the meaning of the word. And it is important – if you don’t understand the essence of this word, you can be misled, deceived or used to implement any plans that do not meet your objective interests.

Revolution is a change of social and economic formation. As a result, a progressive class comes to a power, replacing the reactionary class. If we look back in history: the feudal lords have replaced the slave owners, the bourgeoisie has replaced the feudal lords. In October 1917, the progressive class proletariat made a socialist revolution and replaced the reactionary bourgeoisie. It should be understood that revolutions do not take place at someone’s will or at someone’s request. The revolutionary situation arises in connection with objective processes that take place in society, with insoluble contradictions that cannot be overcome except by changing the social order.

In 1991, capitalism was restored in Latvia, i.e. the reactionary class came to power and the country rolled back to the previous stage in its development. This is not a revolution, this is a regress! And it should be clearly understood.

There’s also much groans and gaspings about possible victims and repressions during the revolution. “There will be blood, a civil war” – my colleagues are frighten me. Let me, I say, let’s think together. If there is a revolutionary situation in the country and the proletariat, led by a working class political party, takes power, then who will have to be repressed? In Latvia, the majority are hired workers who sell their ability to work. Are we going to repress ourselves? Or individual merchants who also live solely by their own labour and do not misappropriate others?

The new state should take over large capital that uses hired labor. What percentage of the population are the owners of these enterprises? Most of these enterprises are owned by foreign capital, which has been pumping profits out of our country for almost 30 years. Are you ready to protect those who have robbed you and will rob you, to the horrors of the revolution? Or maybe you’re just not a successful millionaire yet, who will definitely become one in the near future? Will you work well and hard, attend business training and success will not keep you waiting? Maybe so, but as long as there are such “dreaming millionaires,” someone is making good money on them…

Capitalists, as much as they wish other, against their will and conscience, by their actions exacerbate conflicts in the society and create objective conditions for the revolution.

“Sensitive people who lament the ills of the Revolution really ought to shed some tears on the ills which led up to that event.”1

Conscious worker

1Jules Michelet (1798–1874) – french historian and publicist.