Capitalism With Outstretched Hand — why do Workers Need It?

The economic crisis, together with the epidemic of the new coronovirus, is gradually spreading to more and more countries. And now we can objectively say that the capitalist system was not ready for such events. “Effective managers” in the seemingly economically developed countries of the world showed complete professional impotence and childish helplessness, solving issues by printing banknotes, repurchasing or confiscating medical devices intended for other countries. It should not be thought that the “optimization” of healthcare takes place only in Latvia – it strides across the entire capitalist world, because what does not make a profit must be eliminated, or all maintenance costs should be transferred to the exploited class – to the working people.

Hospital beds per 1,000 people.
Germany, EU, Italy, Latvia

In 2019, the wealth of all 2,153 billionaires in the world was greater than that of 4.6 billion people.

46% of the world’s population lives on less than $5.5 a day (this is the poverty level for developed countries, $3.2 for developing countries)

Some 735 million people live in extreme poverty, with an income of up to $1.9 per day.

Large companies around the world continue to lay off workers and demand monetary support from the government. As a conscious worker, the question arises: “Why do I need to support those who exploit me?” After all, think for yourself, why should we feed these parasites when we can update the infrastructure in the republic with these funds, build hospitals and schools, create modern enterprises and thereby gradually solve the problem of unemployment. But after all, we have bourgeois democracy, and, accordingly, the bourgeois class is in power, an insignificant minority. It is even ready to temporarily make some concessions (such as increasing the deadline for receiving unemployment benefits) in order to prevent a social explosion.

And it turns out that the majority of the world’s population (Latvia is no exception) advances capitalism, as if reanimating a terminally ill patient in order to remain exploited, die of hunger and disease, and make the rich capitalists even richer.

After all, the productive forces of society have long been ready for the transition to the next stage of industrial relations – the communist. For obvious reasons, the bourgeois class, as well as intellectuals and workers, whose heads are filled with petty bourgeois consciousness and bourgeois worldview, do not allow them to do this.

The desire to give the society less, and get more, to live at someone else’s expense, to put personal interests above public ones – these aspirations also prevent the establishment of the next social and economic formation. The bourgeois propaganda feeds these views, trying to influence people’s consciousness in every possible way. Hence the rejection of communist views by those who formed an opinion (not scientific knowledge) about socialism using false information, fake publications in social networks and similar sources.

Now that many of you are forced to stay at home, do not be lazy and turn to some of the works of the classics of Marxism so that you personally will see for yourself all the advantages and progressiveness of a communist society.

Conscious worker