Comrades workers! New Year’s Address

Comrades workers!

On this New Year’s Eve, the Workers ’ Front of Latvia addresses you.

The past year has brought us an unprecedented crisis of the world capitalist system, aggravated by a worldwide epidemic that only the socialist countries were able to cope with. The crisis hit every working family, deprived hundreds of thousands of Latvians of their jobs and threatened to lay off.

Regardless of anything but their own purses, the greedy bourgeois systematically raise the prices of essential goods, lower wages and worsen the working conditions of workers, increase their working hours.

Pursuing an anti-labor, anti-people policy, the Latvian government-the Committee for Bourgeois Affairs-continues to spend workers ’ money to help big business, allowing its representatives to plunder the state budget. The chasm of inequality between the poor and the rich continues to widen to new, unprecedented proportions.

Workers can’t help but notice this blatant injustice and start looking for its causes. The Workers ’ Front of Latvia highlights the contradictions of modern capitalism at the lectures of the Riga Marxist Circle, which are now held remotely during the restrictions, and calls on all workers to join them both online and in the recording on the YouTube channel. On our Internet resources, we cover current events taking place in Latvia and in the world, assessing them from the perspective of the working class. The Workers ’ Front of Latvia is ready to help workers in labor conflicts, in the struggle for their interests.

New year – new struggle. We want the workers of Latvia to realize their key place in social production and remind the bourgeoisie who is the producer of material goods, without which no one on the planet will live a day. How do I do this? Together! By forming a workers ’ union or re-electing the leadership of the current yellow union, workers can protect themselves from dismissal and start fighting for higher wages and better working conditions. The Labour Law of the Republic of Latvia gives workers a lot of opportunities for this, which they have not yet used enough.

You-the employees-are the real owners of your company. And the owner is only a historically conditioned temporary parasite on the body of social production. Therefore, it is not the owner, but you who should decide in what conditions you will work and how to distribute the results of your work.

Only in this way can the working class achieve a real improvement in its position. However, in order not to repeat other people’s mistakes and start fighting with knowledge, you need to learn. The Workers ’ Front of Latvia provides such an opportunity.

The class struggle of the working people of the whole world, led by their vanguard, the working class, will inevitably lead humanity to a society without classes, capable of ensuring the free and comprehensive development of every member of society.

Corrupt bourgeois politicians who have lost their conscience lie to the working people without blushing: “Vote for us and we will solve all your problems!”. We’ll be honest with you. The working class can achieve a real improvement in its position only by itself, by its own hand. The intelligentsia also had the great task of illuminating the way for the working class, of helping it in every possible way in its struggle.

The Workers ’ Front of Latvia will support you at any stage of your struggle. The capitalists have what the proletariat does not have. This is property. But property divides, and labor unites, and this is our advantage. We wish you success in our common struggle!

Happy New Year 2021, dear comrades!