How Nationalists Destroy Latvia

After the coup on May 4, 1990, Latvian nationalists, or as they call themselves – “true national patriots,” with varying success always remain in state power and the next to the “feeders” of Latvia.

Let’s summarize the modest results of their economic activities on Latvian land over these three decades.

The 1990s is the mass destruction of the scientific and production potential of Latvia. For example the following famous factories were closed: VEF, RAF, Alpha, factory Autoelectrodevice, factory Radiothekhnika and many others.

In the wave of the closure of enterprises, as well as the mass eviction of people from thir flats (since, according to the law on the denationalization of houses, many apartment buildings were transferred into the hands of newly-minted feudal lords from abroad), the social and housing conditions of the bulk of the population of Latvia were catastrophically worsened.

Latvian nationalists not only refused to save the impoverished people, but directly participated in the division of the state (former public) property for the personal needs of their enrichment.

The venomous propaganda of nationalism divided the people of Latvia into two opposing communities, which find it difficult to agree on a joint struggle for their natural rights to life, housing, work, decent retirement, etc.

In the early 2000s, the ruling class of Latvia, with the direct participation and encouragement of nationalists, dragged Latvia into the imperialist unions of the WTO, NATO and the EU.

For Latvia, participation in these imperialist unions turned in the destruction of part of the food industry – all sugar mills, fishing fleets, etc., the paper industry was eliminated.

The great part of the population of Latvia leaves their native places, easily becoming cheap labor outside the borders of their homeland. This way nationalists completed the task of slightly delaying the inevitable social explosion due to their anti-people collaboration policy against the people of Latvia.

In the 2010s, things in Latvian economy worsened significantly, one of the reasons being an ever-growing international imperialist crisis. And in these conditions, the nationalists did not try to save Latvia’s hard-breathing economy, instead they declared our eastern neighbor “an external enemy” who is “blamed” for all the troubles that have fallen on the economy and politics of Latvia. Nationalists themselves did not tighten their belts. The power “feeder” functions smoothly.

Spy mania, criminal political affairs – all of that is just a loud background for the collapse of science, production and degradation of the whole society.

Finally, the foreign policy attacks of frenzied nationalists forced the capital of a neighboring country to turn the flow of its goods going through Latvia to its own ports. An impressive infrastructure was built in Ust-Luga for this. And although Ust-Luga is less advantageous from a geographical point of view, the foreign policy background fully compensates for these “troubles.” And again, Latvia faces massive unemployment at uninterruptedly operating enterprises – on the railway, in seaports, in logistics, etc.

And all this again is a merit of the government of Latvian nationalists, who fulfill the will of the ruling class of the developed imperialist countries – the USA and the EU. And the latest statements in the style of “we do not need transit,” as well as the sanctions imposed against the Ventspils mayor, confirm that Latvian nationalists are working for the interests of the United States and not for the interests of their own homeland.

And finally, all this is done by nationalists in peacetime, in a peaceful country and with the peace-loving people of Latvia.

But do not forget that in wartime nationalists will go even further in fulfilling the will of the ruling class from abroad against the people of Latvia. Confirmation of this are the tragedies in Audrini and Zlekas.

About the memorable events of the Zlekas tragedy on December 7, 2019 in Russian language: