Conscious Worker On How They Rob Workers, Hiding Behind Law

Events of Week Through Eyes of Conscious Worker. #6

We live in a capitalist country, and capitalism is such a stage of commodity production at which labor becomes a commodity. Accordingly, most of us are forced to daily sell our ability to work to the owners of the means of production, so as not to starve to death. The capitalist pays us only a part of the value we have produced in the form of a salary, and the rest he takes in the form of profit. And this is the law of capitalism, because if a worker pays all that he has produced, then the capitalist will be left without profit.

Mortgages, various loans, payment of utilities come next to the employee… The state as a joint capitalist is also interested in maximizing profits, respectively, housing and communal services will be borne by residents – in contrast to a socialist country where the state subsidized utilities and nobody paid the full price for these services. Mortgage loans also hit hard on income and make the employee more pliable and accommodating for the employer because of the fear of losing housing.

Then inflation. This is a price increase for all goods and services except one product – labor. Due to inflation, the real salary content is decreasing. Even official sources do not hide it and lay it in the budget, by how many percent the robbery of people will occur. And mind you, everything is according to the law!

“The workers spend what they get, and the capitalists get what the workers spend.” For the remaining money, you should buy goods and services to ensure your life. And this money goes back to the capitalist. Under socialism, money remains inside the country and is used to upgrade production capacities, infrastructure, and not to withdraw to offshore and purchase yachts and palaces.

Formal justice is the will of the ruling class, elevated to the law. And any legislative body of the bourgeois state will defend the right of the ruling minority to rob the working majority. Therefore, do not expect support from the state.

Conscious worker

The People’s Court stands guard over the interests of the socialist state and the citizens of the USSR. We will choose the best sons and daughters of our people in the people’s courts!