«Lenin 150» Challenge

Recently, a challenge called “Lenin – 150” appeared on the Internet. We join it and publish the text of the appeal on our website.

Only a month left before Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s 150th birthday
(April 22, 1870, New Style dates)

When expressing his thoughts on Marx, Lenin used to quote Lessing: “We would like to be exalted less, but read more diligently!” I believe that this also applies to the hero of this anniversary.

That is why we challenge you to do the following: as of the time of this writing start reading Lenin’s works for a duration of one month.

1) Read 20–30 pages a day. It is more than enough. Don’t cram and try to finish Lenin’s Collected Works in just a month.
2) Post your daily reading report with the hashtag #Lenin150Challenge
Your report may also contain:
– a photo of yourself holding one of Lenin’s books;
– a proud sign that says “I have finished [name of the work]!”
– your thoughts about things that you have just read. Example: “I was busy reading “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism”. Now I know that I want to become an imperialist! (jk)”
Do not post individual quotes! They just go from one corner of the Internet to another and will be largely forgotten by your audience. If you really like a particular quote, just retell it in your own words.
Don’t know where to start? Read “The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism”. Then just follow the hashtag to know what others are reading.
3) Challenge your friends and foes alike!