Teenager’s Attitude to Atmode

We asked some questions about the so-called “atmoda”1 to an ordinary Latvian teenager.
Let’s listen to what he said.

1. What do you think were the goals of “atmoda”?

The main goal of “atmoda” is the restoration of capitalism and the destruction of the socialist system. Behind the speeches about “sovereignty,” “liberation of the peoples of Latvia” and “national independence” there is one very simple interest of the foreign bourgeoisie: deprive a worker of his power to live at his expense.

2. How did “atmoda” influence the development of Latvian culture, economics, science?

Under Soviet rule, Latvian science, art, culture rapidly developed, the working people of Latvia and its language developed. But now, after 30 years of living in independent Latvia, we can safely say: almost nothing remains of the fact that the nations of the Soviet Republics have been building for so long. Science and art are almost completely destroyed. Latvian youth travels abroad more and more rapidly every year, leaving their language and culture in their dying Motherland.

3. How did “atmoda” affect Latvia’s economy and the welfare of its inhabitants?

Does it make sense to talk about some kind of “wealth,” when every year more and more Latvians go to all kinds of Europe and America? Does it make sense to talk about some kind of “economy,” when the leading factories in Latvia, one of the best not only in the USSR, but also on the Earth, were privatized and production facilities that were equipped with the latest technology and about which the foreign bourgeoisie did not even dream, sold for scrap metal.

4. What do you think is the essence of the so-called “Atmoda?”

“Atmoda” is a counterrevolution aimed at restoring the bourgeois-nationalist system.

1“Atmoda” (Latvian. atmoda, literally “awakening”) is the name of the Latvian nationalist movement traditionally accepted in Latvian bourgeois historiography. The bourgeois ideologists of Latvia call the so-called “third atmoda” the counter-revolutionary restoration processes in Soviet Latvia in the late 1980s, which were led by the Popular Front of Latvia. We have already written about these processes.