They Banned Communist Parties

1926 year. Benito Mussolini is a fascist dictator, Duce of Italy. He received power from the hands of the king and with the approval of the liberals. He was shot by Italian partisans in 1945. A year earlier, the Communist Party of Italy left the underground in the liberated territories and soon became the largest party in the country.

1933 year. Adolf Hitler is a fascist dictator, the Fuhrer of Germany. He came to power as chancellor at the head of the National Socialist Party, after which he made a coup and seized all power with the support of financial capital. He was shot dead in his bunker in 1945. The Communist Party of Germany was recreated in the same year.

1936 year. Francisco Franco - fascist dictator, Caudillo of Spain. He led a military coup and came to power after the civil war, supported by the fascist regimes of Italy and Germany. He died in 1975. The Communist Party of Spain became legalized two years later.

1954 year. Alfredo Stroessner is a fascist dictator, president of Paraguay. He led a military coup and seized power, establishing a repressive regime. He was overthrown as a result of a military coup in 1989 and ended his life in exile. The Paraguayan Communist Party was legalized after the fall of the Stroessner regime.

1973 year. Augusto Pinochet is the head of the military junta who established the fascist dictatorship in Chile. He overthrew the Salvadoran government of Allende. In the last years of his life after lifting his immunity, he was accused of murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and corruption. He hasn’t lived to see his sentence. The ban on the Communist Party of Chile was lifted after Pinochet resigned and democracy was restored in 1990.

1991 year. Anatoly Gorbunov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Latvia. Former member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union who switched to anti-communism. Nowadays he lives. The Communist Party of Latvia was banned in 1991 and is still under a ban.