WFL Activist: How Come We Live in Such Cruel & Wicked State…

“I had an interesting encounter a few days back. I needed to buy some spare parts for my desktop computer: wire, adapters etc. After getting everything I needed, I was strolling through a parking lot, and a man then grabbed my attention, asking me to buy him some food.

Yes, food. You heard it correctly. The man desperately needed food. He didn’t smell of liquor, didn’t smoke (as a non-smoker, I could tell right away). He was dressed humbly but it was evident that at least he tried to look decent in public (shaving occasionally, washing his clothes). He told me that he has to spend 150-170 euros a month for his ulcer treatment alone, meaning that he has virtually no money left for everything else. I could see the sincerity in his eyes. He was telling the truth.

So I agreed to help him, and then we went to the nearest supermarket. The food he requested is indeed suited for those with a stomach problem: yogurt, fruits, a vegetarian salad and some pastry. I paid for the groceries, handed the food over to the stranger. He thanked me and I wished him strength in return.

For a while there I felt elated but then my heart fell through the floor. How come we live in such a cruel and wicked state where your chances of survival are only determined by the thickness of your wallet? We always talk about “patriotism” and the need to “love” our country while the terminally ill receive donations for their treatment through text messages! And the government doesn’t seem to care. It is busy playing toy soldiers somewhere in Iraq.”

WFL activist