Young Pioneers Day

May 19 – Pioneer Day. This year, the pioneer organization turned 98 years old!

The decision to create a pioneer organization was made on May 19, 1922 at the second All-Russian Komsomol conference. But this was not arbitrariness from above. The decision was dictated by the need to coordinate and unite in a single organization many children’s groups and associations that spontaneously emerged in the cities of Soviet Russia after the victory of the revolution. By 1922, experience was already accumulated in the self-organization of children.

Back in 1919, at a youth festival, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin greeted the Moscow guys who called themselves the “squad of young communists”. He said: “And the children, the growing proletarians, must help the revolution… Organizing children is the best way of the Communards”.

Indeed, the first pioneer detachments worked at the Komsomol cells of factories, factories, institutions, participated in community work days, helped in the fight against child homelessness, and in eliminating illiteracy. During the Great Patriotic War, pioneers worked at enterprises and on collective farm fields, helped to care the wounded soldiers, performed in hospitals with concerts. More than 20 thousand young Leninists were awarded with medals “For the defense of Moscow”. We also remember the feats of Zina Portnova, Leonid Golikov, Marat Kazey and Valentin Kotik. They were also pioneers.

Unfortunately, over time this impulse began to fade, this desire to participate in the common struggle, in the common cause of building our own, completely new free world. The people did not notice the counter-revolutionary turn in both ideology and the country’s economy. Following the party, already in the 1960s ceasing to be the vanguard of the working class, the Komsomol began to degenerate, and after it the pioneer organization gradually began to degenerate.

By virtue of their nature, children learn continuously: they not only master the knowledge purposefully transmitted at school, but also absorb all the manifestations of the social consciousness that surrounds them, imitate the social being in which they grow. What is happening to the children now? What society do they reflect? In front of our eyes, education and culture are degrading, moral guidelines are shifting, meanings are being lost. On the example of the pioneer organization, one can also trace the regression of the whole society.