Authorities’ Attitude Towards Me is Their Attitude Towards All Nation

On February 15, 2019, the activists of the Workers' Front of Latvia interviewed Ainars Kadišs, who was on a hunger strike in the center of Riga opposite the Cabinet of Ministers.

Ainars Kadišs began an indefinite hunger strike on February 13, after the state left him without means of subsistence, which means – and without the ability to defend their rights. After all, lawyers, and just submitting documents to the court, cost a lot of money.

How did it all start?

The last straw was the fact that I lost money from my bank account. Then it turned out that they were withdrawn by the SRS. I had an agreement with the bank on the automatic monthly payment of alimony, and as a result I could not even pay them. I submitted an application in which I requested to treat with understanding the emergency situation that I was left without livelihood, being in a foreign country, but I was told that they “refuse to consider my application on the merits” without explaining the reasons such a decision.

As can be seen, banks in Latvia, as well as the State Revenue Service – tools of the state as an apparatus of violence against workers. The tools that they use in relation to our most defenseless compatriots.

In essence, this hunger strike is a desperate call for people to unite. One person cannot successfully deal with such criminal violations by the state. It means that people should unite on the basis of common interests. The highest of these interests – this, of course, a bright future, prosperity of the country. But it is also possible to wage a general struggle on the basis of more vital interests: wage increases, improved working conditions, including shorter working hours, – to fight through the organization of trade unions in the workplace. In the science of the development of society, this is called “economic class struggle” – the class of workers struggles with the class of those who live at their expense and do not work. Just for people to fight together for their interests, and Ainars Kadišs is speaking. To this, the most important problem, he is trying to attract public attention.

Why did you choose exactly hunger strike?

I believe that a small match can make a fire. We must give impetus to our people.

What are your requirements? What do you want?

The point of no return is approaching, after which we (Latvia) will remain only in history – I have looked at the demographic chart of Latvia since 1990, this – uninterrupted recession, at such a pace, we did not have long. I do not agree with the authorities of Latvia in all respects: in foreign policy, in economic, in social. I am convinced that the Latvian authorities are conducting a meaningful genocide of the population. The state system is designed so that particularly vile people crawl up and rule us. Formally, we hired them, and they behave not as public servants, but as brainless parasites. I recently read about parasites – they always take the best. Parasite – stupid. In the body of any animal there are parasites, but they are relatively small. When they become more critical, the body dies, and with it those who live off of this organism, that is, the parasites.

You can see my posters. I demand:

  • repeal the immunity of members of the Seimas and officials, introduce a law on criminal responsibility of deputies for violating their promises;
  • to observe the basic human rights approved in the Constitution, to abolish the predatory property tax; people privatized their apartments and plots, and now it suddenly turned out that they have to fully redeem them every 66 years, and when they buy them out, they will have to redeem them again over the next 66 years, and then again and again;
  • create such an electoral system in which the most honest and most educated representatives of the people will become deputies;
  • prohibit any propaganda of perversions in public places and educational institutions;
  • reduce horrific social inequality, set a maximum salary for officials and politicians, which will depend on the minimum wage and pension;
  • realize the main function of the state – concern for the welfare and safety of its inhabitants.

How do you feel about the idea of ​​recall of deputies?

Positively. The people should control the state's power, it should belong to the workers. I have always said that a worker can live without parasites, but a parasite cannot live without workers.

If the state would not put you on the brink of survival, would you be here?

Very likely. After all, I said that this only filled up the cup of my patience. Dissatisfaction with the Latvian reality has been building up with me for a long time. I believe that even if a person is unprofitable, he should still act according to his conscience.

Do you think that people in Latvia are joining your grievances against the bourgeois state?

Other people are also unhappy. People express their dissatisfaction with the fact that they leave the country, and thereby worsen the situation in the country even more. Personally, I basically do not want to leave my homeland. Recently, in order to support me, I received a call from young people, Latvians, who left to work in England. They very much want to return, but in Latvia conditions for a normal life are not created. Our authorities from above impose a national question on the people. They drive wedges between nationalities, and I see my purpose in knocking these wedges. I explain to Latvians that Latvia is 100 years old or less, and Riga is over 800 years old. This is not only Latvian land, and we all have always lived together on it.

“Divide and conquer (Latin: divide et impera) - the ancient principle 
management of society through provocations, inciting 
existing contradictions, artificially creating conflicts.”

How do the deputies and the police treat you?

Politicians don't care. Moreover, they are trying to harm me. I was ready for hunger and cold – and dressed warmly. But I was not ready for not being allowed to sleep. They put me in a tent and an umbrella and only allowed me to leave a chair. At night, when I was already very tired and lay down on the foam, they made me stand up and did not even allow me to lean against the tree. I was only allowed to sit on the chair. On a tip from the authorities, the police approached me in a car and woke me up with the help of a shrill siren and shouts: “Do not sleep!” I could not believe my eyes.

“The attitude of the authorities towards me – this is their attitude to all the people.”

The actions of the police recall the methods of the fascists. The ruling class says, “Okay, protest. But protest by such rules, which are convenient for us.”

To be able to sleep a little, I had to put a sign on which says that the tent – this is an installation, and I – part of the installation. The police tried to find a formal reason to remove it, but could not. They looked inside, shone a flashlight at me and asked if I was sleeping, watching me not to get into the sleeping bag.

We do not know how the hunger strike will end, but we wish Comrade Kadišs of strength, great patience and early positive resolution of his difficult life situation. The incident itself shows that people in Latvia are dissatisfied with the current exploitative system so that some of them are ready even for the most desperate acts, such as a hunger strike. The national map, played out by the capitalists together, seems to stop working too. People begin to see clearly, throw off their rose-colored glasses, through which they could see some kind of limitless capitalist wealth. An hour will break out, and the Latvian people will again take matters into their own hands and heal well.


P. S. While we were preparing the material for the exit, the police applied new methods of fighting against their fellow citizen. Under cover of night from February 18 to February 19, having covered their stencilled car behind the buildings, the police approached the tent without sound. With minimal noise, they broke the tent and got inside. Exhausted Ainars Kadišs by this time dozed off. The policemen disturbed the person and presented a violation in the form of sleep on the street (vagrancy).

Having said that it was necessary to draw up a protocol, which the police officers did not have with them, Aivaru was offered to proceed to the police car and draw up this protocol there. But in the car the form was not there. They proposed to proceed to the Central Police Station, Ainars agreed – so he was in the station. Documents were necessary to establish the identity, but the police did not consider the driving license presented as sufficient proof of the identity of the traitor. It seems that Ainars Kadišs fell into a trap. Saved by the fact that Ainars from the first minutes led a direct shake of his detention. Two young men not left aside – comrades of Ainars – with great difficulty, they went to the police station to bring water to Ainars, thus becoming the immediate witnesses of the police provocation. Ainars Kadišs, referring to his fatigue and exhaustion, did not sign the protocol, having agreed with the police to do it during the day. The police had to retreat once again. The provocation was torn down. For now…