Bicycle Vandal Arrested

On the night of May 11 an attempt of provocation at the monument to liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from German-fascist invaders took place. A member of the RFL witnessed it.

Exactly at 3:00 an intruder cyclist rode into the center of the square where the flowers were lying and fell down. He tried to ride over the flowers, but was apprehended by police. As the police dragged him, he clung to his bicycle, dragged it through the flowers, and swept away the candles in his path. The intruder feigned a state of drug intoxication and dementia and claimed he was catching pokemons. At the time of his arrest, a power bank fell out of his pocket. When he realized the device had fallen into the hands of Nightwatch activists, his theatrical image suddenly disappeared. A pair of blue underwear was also found at the scene of the intruder’s fall from his bicycle. With police permission, the activists corrected the flowers and re-lit the candles. While detaining the intruder, activists repeatedly asked the police why they did not bend his arms like the woman with the Guard’s ribbon in her hair who had been detained earlier.

Soon a second cyclist showed up, and later an electric scooter. Both were clearly planning a similar provocation, but when they heard the defenders of the monument talking menacingly among themselves, they hurried to retreat.

It is gratifying to note that the monument to the liberators of the Latvian SSR and Riga from the Nazi invaders is voluntarily defended by both Russians and Latvians.