Conscious Worker on Healthcare

I believe that anyone agrees that the availability of medical care is one of the necessary conditions for human life. Unfortunately (and fortunately for some who earn on medical services), the times of free healthcare are gradually passing. Why is this happening? It would seem that with the development of scientific and technological progress, basic needs should become, if not free, then accessible to the majority of the population of the entire planet. But capitalism, which turns everything into a commodity and wants to profit from everything, does not allow humanity to realize these ideas.

So, to begin with, I would like to recall the following: working majority fills the state budget. The taxes paid by the employer are also paid by the labor of the workers. That is why we are right and must demand from the state such improvements in the healthcare sector that meet our objective interests.

Let’s talk about children’s medicine. Almost all parties from the right to the so-called social democrats in their programs proclaim concern for children, that the birth rate in the country should be increased, and so on. I, as a simple worker, would suggest returning the doctors to school. So that children can undergo a mandatory examination to identify possible diseases in the early stages, get vaccinations from encephalitis and other diseases, up to hepatitis, treat teeth and much more. Of course, this is not about turning the educational institution into a branch of the hospital, but this could provide significant assistance to children whose parents are less concerned about their health.

Free summer and health camps for children. Do you think that with the collapse of the USSR they ceased to be relevant? In my opinion, this is much more important than buying rusty junk disguised as security concerns1. But, as you already know (and I’m sure you know), the ruling class in Latvia does only what is beneficial to it. The government, controlled by capital, adopts the laws it needs, and the state, as an apparatus for coercion, forces everyone to comply with them. This is the essence of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie – the power of the minority over the majority. And no elections will change the situation in favor of the working people, only the recognition of their objective interests and the collective opposition to oppression and exploitation.

But how hard is it to unite? After all, we were so cleverly divided into non-citizens and citizens, Latvians and non-Latvians, and even the citizens of Riga and the others. The ruling class, as an experienced juggler, manipulates mythical and far-fetched contradictions, playing on idealism, nationalism and petty-bourgeois consciousness, not giving workers the opportunity for organization. But the more contradictions between labor and capital, the more difficult it will be to hide under the guise of a “national state” the ordinary robbery of the working class.

Conscious worker

1Latvia spends 2% of GDP on defense, including the purchase of decommissioned used units of military equipment.