6th Latvian Riflemen Communist Regiment Entry Conditions

  1. The proletariat still has many battles, both on the internal front against the counter-revolution, and on the external front against the minions of international imperialism. One of the starting points of a bold fighting impulse in this holy war should be a newly organized regiment, which should honorly preserve all the traditions of Latvian fighting regiments.
  2. The regiment remains a national Latvian regiment, but for comrades soldiers and workers of other nationalities a special detachment is organized, which is part of the regiment as an inseparable part of it. From the comrades of foreigners, upon admission to the regiment, a recommendation is required from organizations or competent comrades.
  3. Salary and maintenance according to the general provision on the Red Army.
  4. The regiment is on guard of the Soviet power and carries out all orders of this power unquestioningly.
  5. Every failure to comply with any legal order and requirement will be punished in the most strict manner – surrender of the guilty to the Revolutionary Court.
  6. All those entering the regiment undertake to serve in it for at least two months.
  7. If one wants to quit the regiment, each comrade is obliged to declare this 15 days before leaving.
  8. In addition to fellow soldiers, fellow workers who have not completed a course of military training may also be accepted.
  9. For all those who did not do military service, regular classes will be established.
  10. An enlightened commission will be organized at the regiment to report general classes to the riflemen. In general, strict attention will be paid to this.

Chairman of the Extraordinary Commission for the Organization of the Latvian Communist Regiment J. Eglits

Source: Petrogradskaya Pravda (Petrograd Truth) March 3 (16), 1918, #50 (276).

Volunteers from 3rd Kurzeme Riflemen Battalion (1915)
Latvian Riflemen in the Tyrellian swamps with Zelinsky-Kummant coal gas masks
Monument to the Latvian Red Riflemen on the Latvian Riflemen square in Riga
Reproduction of Otto Skulme’s painting “Vladimir Lenin with Latvian arrows in the Kremlin on May 1, 1918.” Canvas, oil. 1957