Consult Before Signing!

The union members who signed the agreement to end the employment relationship then sought answers from a lawyer…

New Car Tax

The Minister of Railways of Latvia proposed to introduce another new tax.

Common Fascist

Should medical care for Latvian residents be provided depending on their political beliefs?

Red on White

No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself; but a revolution does not learn to defend itself at once.

About the Proper Capitalism

In the capitalist world, our country has been assigned the role of a source of cheap labor and territory for the sale of expensive and at the same time low-quality goods.

To Consumer

Capitalism needs someone who can work endlessly, buy, consume, not ask unnecessary questions and not protest…

Does Society Get Richer?

How can a worker become richer when the lion’s share of his earnings goes to basic needs: housing, food, clothing, medicine and education?

Director of Riga Circus

On June 22, 1941, the son of a port worker, Komsomol member Mlokit decided to defend Soviet Latvia without hesitation.

Be Honest With Yourself

The people of Latvia have proven themselves to be capable of building a better future both for themselves and their children. In order to achieve this goal, being honest with yourself would be a good start.

Mandatory Pillage Component

Events of Week Through Eyes of Conscious Worker. According to the polls, the majority of the population is dissatisfied with neither the president nor the ministers.

How Nationalists Destroy Latvia

Spy mania, criminal political affairs — all this is a loud background for the collapse of science, production and degradation of the whole society.

Life at a Closed Station

All her life 88-year-old pensioner Milda Romanova gave to the railway, to the station «Auce». The station is closed. Milda still lives in the station building.

Ecuador’s Fuel Riot

The police and the army could not intimidate the people: in a fit of unity, he thwarted the government’s plan and forced him to retreat. But for how long?

Independence Day

The «patriotic week» died down and ended with the celebration of the Independence Day.

Year 1905 in Latvia

The revolution in Latvia, neither in character nor in driving forces, did not differ from the revolution in other regions of Russia, it was its integral part.

Liberation of Riga

About 280 thousand Latvians were hijacked to work in Germany, a quarter of which were from Riga.

The Mafia State

Egoism, rampant consumption, getting one over on your fellow man and «free-for-all» mindset became the new norm.

What Awaits Us in the Future?

People always looked into the future with some pessimism, not seeing progress, denying it. They imagined their age as the crowning development of mankind.

About Latvian Language

Latvian language has the greatest similarity with the Lithuanian language. After Lithuanian, Russian is the closest language to the Latvian language.

Lenin: 149

On April 22, 2019, at 14:00, the Workers Front of Latvia holds a commemorative event at the Lenin Museum in Riga.

Dear Teachers!

Mūsu premjers Krišjānis Kariņš uzskata, ka valsts var ietaupīt uz skolotāju rēķina, ka mēs prasām pa daudz. Tuklāt, viņš atļaujas publiski izteikt domu, ka esam izlutināti un nedomājam par kopējo nākotni.

Hostages of New Landlords

After the bourgeois counter-revolution that took place in August 1991, the Latvian authorities constantly demonstrate complete contempt for the needs of the common people, and all legislation is built up by gentlemen who fled from the Soviet power in the 40s.

Time to Shorten the Working Day

Labor productivity is constantly talked about, justifying low wages. Say, in rich countries the worker works more productively, and therefore his wages are higher. These statements are not supported by any calculations, but they are presented as if not employers, but employees are guilty of low labor productivity.

Is There Working Class in Latvia?

When a question arises whether there is a working class in Latvia, emotional statements are usually made: “Yes, there is!” Or “No and can not be!” and their authors resort to rhetoric to prove their opinions.

Newspaper Workers’ Tribune #55

The echo of the Great Revolution is still audible. It is an eternal monument to the ideals of communism, a monument that makes it clear that the working class should be reckoned with and it will certainly take its own.

Pyotr Ivanovich Stuchka

On December 17, 1918, the Manifesto of the Provisional Workers’ and Peasants’ Government of Latvia, headed by Pyotr Stuchka, was issued on the establishment of Soviet power.

Class Struggle in Today’s Latvia

Protection of workers’ interests should be taken into their own hands. And first of all, it is necessary to organize your trade unions from below, choose your representatives who can be fully trusted, and seek collective bargains that are beneficial for employees.

Newspaper Workers’ Tribune #54

To promote their interests, the bourgeois are organized into numerous unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce and industry, confederations of employers and other associations.

Newspaper Workers’ Tribune #53

Workers movement for unification of marxists in Latvia, for active participation of progressive representatives of the working class in politics of Latvian.

Our Victory Depends Only on Us

Down with the hatred between Russians and Latvians imposed from above! Long live peace and friendship of peoples! Nationalism is alien to any worker, any ordinary person.

To the question of education in Latvia

People living in Latvia must learn in their native language! Moreover, this right is enshrined in an international document, the framework convention on the protection of national minorities…

Learning Dialectics. Part I

This article is a first part of conspectus (summary) of Hegel’s dialectics. It examines the movement of thought from the concept of “pure being” to the concept of “becoming”.

Essence of Democracy. Part I. Democracy is not a curse

With the further development of the society and the change of social-economic formations, the forms of democracy have been changing too, but its essense has remained the same – to ensure the power of the ruling class, the power that is not externally limited by any laws.

Why Do They Decide for Us?

This is done by people who took over political power in the state. These people are not guided by the interests of the Latvian-speaking population, they are guided solely by their personal and group (class) interests.