A Message to the Intellectuals

The modern capitalistic mode of production and the resulting social relations have one distinctive feature – to turn everything into a commodity. Just look around and you’ll see that many aspects of our society such as science, art, health care and, of course, labor power have already become a commodity. In other words, they have a price tag. One can buy and sell these things. Every salaried worker who sells his ability to work to the owner of the means of production is separated from the fruits of his own labor. When it comes to the scientists, this problem becomes even more obvious. The researchers are forced to work for large corporations that simply appropriate inventions and scientific discoveries.

People who have a thirst for knowledge become scientists precisely with a goal of developing new technologies, improving our daily lives and solving humanity’s problems, not making money.

Let’s take a look at what modern capitalism can offer a fresh graduate student.

For starters, education should be free on all levels. Otherwise, there always will be a noticeable shortage of enthusiastic skilled people. And the state must guarantee employment that matches your degree. Without such measures in place, young people have a very hard time utilizing their skills. As a result, education loses all meaning.

Can the capitalist society guarantee all these things? A fresh graduate with mountains of student debt is forced to look for any source of income without guaranteed employment. If he’s lucky, he’ll probably find a well-paid job that matches his degree straight out of college. And if he’s not, then he will be forced to sell one’s ability to work to anyone who’s willing to pay. As a result, a student who dreamed of making a breakthrough in science has become a regular craftsman working tirelessly for a subsistence level pay, like so many others before him. Scientific progress? Forget about it!

And what about the college professors? How honest are they with their students when they yap about “boundless opportunities” in today’s society? Or do they just protect and worship those who run this rigged system and directly benefit from it?

Conscious scientists and technical experts are just as needed as conscious workers in order to build the dictatorship of the proletariat and replace this rotten capitalist system that fails us time and time again. Highly trained professionals will play a key role in increasing labor productivity, improving our education and health care systems and so much more.

If you truly believe that your future lies in serving the people and not the corrupt moneybags, then maybe it is worth to think about the future you want to live in, about the things you’d want to change.

Yours sincerely, The Conscious Worker