Africa, Sweden or Soviet Power?

Present Latvia is a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Those who doubt this should as soon as possible take off the pink glasses of an idealistic worldview and, no matter how painful it is, look at the world from a scientific point of view.

All the basic means of production and financial instruments belong to big capital, which with their help (and in their defense) exercises state power. And since the ruling class does not encounter opposition to its policies from the working majority, it begins to become very impudent. And it is not surprising that such statements appear on the part of business:

“In Latvia, a situation has developed where the number of unemployed has risen sharply, but they have no motivation to seek a new job because they receive benefits from the state,” capitalist Andris Bite said on RigaTV24.

He further noted that there were vacancies at his enterprise, but the inhabitants of Latvia had no desire to work. “In just a week, only two people came to us, of which not a single one left to work…” Interestingly, but he did not try to raise salaries?

“We now want to live like in Sweden, and work like in Africa.”

The question arises: do you have an idea about the size and duration of this allowance? Indeed, thanks to your bourgeois deputies, the period for receiving benefits has been reduced to eight months, and the amount of payments has decreased. For what? To be able to buy labor at an even more favorable price, and not at its real value. Not a single capitalist in the world will pay the full cost of labor until he is forced to – this is the essence of the contradictions between labor and capital. The lower the cost of the purchase of goods “labor,” the more profit the capitalist will receive. And only sellers of this product – workers, can make him pay more. To this end, they have been granted wide trade union rights (for example, in Latvia there is a ban on the dismissal of an employee without the consent of the union!) And the right to strike.

Let’s disassemble this mess further. Why compare with Africa? Are they all lazy or vice versa hardworking? It can be assumed that if the Swedish standard of living (implied as high) is compared, then it is argued that the African workers are completely idlers…

A few examples of how capital struggles with the labor movement in Africa

On June 25, employers in the diamond cutting and polishing industry cut more than 277 jobs in Botswana (Yerushalmi Brothers Diamonds, Motiganz Botswana, Dalumi Diamonds, Leo Schachter Diamonds and Signet Jewelers).

On June 29, 163 Nycil Nigeria workers came to the factory and found that the gate was closed. Since then, they have been standing in picket near the company’s factory premises in Lagos. As a sign of solidarity, other workers joined them. This is a lockout to put pressure on the union.

On May 6, in Esvatini, more than 18 thousand textile and clothing workers did not receive a salary after quarantine was announced.

These are just a few cases where capital and its obedient governments exert pressure on workers, worsening their deplorable situation.

It is clear to any conscious worker that only the true power of the working people will save labor from exploitation by capital. For the working people “their own bourgeoisie” should not be! And it doesn’t matter which one – Latvian, American or European. There are objective interests of the working class that should be recognized and for which we must fight.

And then the victory shall not keep you waiting.

Miners in Africa