Beggars! Help Business!

Seen on Social Networks

Today I got a wonderful slogan. It calls on us to support local businesses in every possible way by buying goods and using the services of Latvian businesspeople as soon as we win the battle against the terrible crisis. It sounds like campaigning: we all must take care of the national capitalists, because they had such a hard time.

“When the COVID-19 crisis is over, do a good thing. Travel around Latvia, eat in Latvian restaurants, sleep in Latvian hotels, spend a weekend in Latvia. Choose the goods produced in Latvia. Support those enterprises where, due to the drop in turnover, things are not going very well.”

Are you serious? Any capitalist organizes business not for the purpose of helping workers, but for his own enrichment. After all, profits are known to be the unpaid part of a hired worker’s labor. Who are you going to regret? Your exploiters? Big business is trying to solve its financial problems with the state (or rather, with our help).

And about the goods made in Latvia. Most large producers are foreign owned: Dobeles dzirnavnieks, Rīgas dzirnavnieks, Rīgas piena kombināts, Latvijas maiznieks and many others. So the inscription “made in Latvia” does not mean anything yet.

This slogan could be applied only in one case: if all industry, restaurants and hotels were owned and operated by the workers of the country for the benefit of the whole society.