Bourgeois Arbitrariness in an Era of Economic Collapse

This Week’s Events Through Eyes Of Conscious Worker. #12

The economic crisis continues. The task of the ruling class on the ideological front is to convince the population that all problems in the economy arose through the fault of the coronovirus. Fortunately, all available media are under their control. So the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry bluntly stated that it was the coronovirus pandemic that provoked the economic crisis.

If a person does not really understand that crises are constant companions of capitalism, its inalienable attribute, then what does he do in such a position? Indeed, since the end of 2018 and the whole of 2019, when no one had already stuttered about the coronovirus, many leading economists and financial analysts predicted a collapse of the world economy in 2020. This means that the ruling class, with the help of talking heads and “authoritative experts,” is trying to blame all the generic problems of the capitalist economy on a pandemic. The goal is to convince unaware inhabitants that we live in an ideal socio-economic formation and that nothing should be changed. And for persuasiveness, they will remind you of the abundance of goods and the ability to travel (although it is silent that all benefits are available only if there is an appropriate amount of money).

Downtime allowances will be directed mainly to help large companies that have deducted significant amounts in the form of taxes to the budget. After all, it is natural for the capitalist state as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie – officials, deputies and the government, set by capital, will do everything to maintain the existing power. Large financial groups rule the country, and the owner of a coffee shop or car service cares about them as a tax payer and no more. And the dream of your small business, which should become a source of independent and comfortable existence, shatters like a house of cards. All small and medium-sized enterprises under capitalism fulfill the function of carrots in front of a donkey. It educates the petty-bourgeois consciousness among the masses and gives the illusion of independence, although in reality it is the same source of profit for big capital as everything else.

According to the survey, “only” 27% of entrepreneurs are ready to fire their employees, while the rest will look for other ways to overcome the crisis. Judging by official data, 550 people from Tallink will add to the 5,000 new unemployed in April. For some reason, no one points to such popular ways to lower costs, such as lowering wages and canceling overtime payments – but this is already in effect. But what can unorganized workers do to combat the arbitrariness of the employer? They can organize! Only by joining a trade union and creating an army of working people who are united and ready to defend their interests can improve working conditions and increase wages.

Marxism as a science of society will help to look at what is happening from a completely different perspective, as the bourgeois media tell you, and will show the way for the movement towards progress and prosperity of all mankind. Marxism is a science, not a religion or a deception (as the ruling class is trying to convince you). Come to the Marxist group classes – and see for yourself.

Conscious Worker

Poster. Trade unions are the forefront of the world labor movement