Capitalism vs Coronavirus: Epic Fail

4 months have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, which has developed into a pandemic and has covered 185 countries. Looking back, we can confidently say that the measures taken by the PRC were timely and adequate. The “giant bureaucratic machine” of the socialist state turned out to be much more effective than any of the Western democracies. And this despite the fact that Western countries had the main resource in abundance – time.

At that moment, when in Italy it was necessary to immediately impose strict restrictions, a fashion week was held in Milan. The next week it was already in Paris. The abolition of the fashion week would jeopardize the increase in capital of a negligible number of owners. On the other side of the scales were the lives of hundreds of thousands of wageworkers, and effective owners chose the worst possible option – half measures.

As for the real struggle, we see that the European Union has actually disintegrated, and its members do not share among themselves neither experience, nor ventilators, nor medical staff. Throwing the elderly to certain death, everyone scattered in the corners.

The European Union is an imperialist conglomerate. It was created only to more conveniently pump out surplus value from the population, as well as to fight with other states. The European Union does not unite people, but capital. And capital immediately organized an increase in prices for medicines, medical equipment and protective equipment – everything that is so urgently needed in an epidemic.

The situation with COVID-19 most clearly demonstrated the fact that the market “optimized” everything that does not bring enough profit, including medicine, which suddenly turned out to be so necessary. The number of beds in hospitals has been steadily declining over the past 30 years (see graph). The capitalist countries spent the freed money on preparing for war or on so-called investments – an instrument that allows exploiting entire regions and countries like leeches sucking blood from a living organism. In the era of imperialism, capitalist countries are much more profitable to sell weapons than to build new hospitals. Doctors worked hard and in a normal situation (if you can call it that), what can we say about the emergency!

Hospital beds per 1,000 people.
Germany, EU, Italy, Latvia

At the beginning of the pandemic, US and EU imperialists used the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan to denigrate the Chinese government, and when the epidemic spread to Western countries, the propaganda machine of capitalism declared it the cause of the current crisis: “The virus is to blame for the decline in sales! The virus is to blame for the fall in stocks! The virus is to blame for the fact that the medical system cannot withstand such a load!” But did COVID-19 destroy hospitals, liquidate laboratories, impose self-medication and quackery? Today it is a virus, and tomorrow – another misfortune. Imagine how many criminal errors, how many consequences of mediocrity and incompetence can be attributed to a pandemic! The modern capitalist system is bursting at the seams from any tension. The stock market continues to fall: even trillions of financial injections are not correcting the situation. Medium and small business, undoubtedly going bankrupt, is absorbed by large capitalists along with funds allocated by the state to save it. A huge number of people were left without work and without income, which means goods will not be sold, and capital will not continue to grow.

In our era, in the era of imperialism, monopoly is rapidly developing, which strengthens the dictatorship of large entrepreneurs. And without that, giant corporations continue to grow larger. In parallel with this, the real content of wages is constantly decreasing, in the end this is reflected in the reproduction of workers with skills corresponding to the era. These phenomena are amplified many times during crises. This threatens not only an explosion of discontent, but also a banal extinction of the people. A vivid example is the state-owned company Air Baltic (80.05% of its shares are owned by the state), which, immediately responding to a decrease in profits, began to lay off hundreds of employees. And this happens against the backdrop of millions of salaries of board members, who hypocritically declares that “how things will work out, the former workers will be taken back, and even more than they were fired”. The same thing happens in the subsidiary “Aviation crew resources”. Capital is not ashamed to make money on deaths and grief of people, which again shows that the free market is not able to independently control the situation: the greed of its participants leads society to decline and death.

While small business owners go bankrupt, the capitalization of the online store “Amazon” is growing by leaps and bounds. The online movie rental service “Netflix” is also breaking records.

The power apparatus, as the headquarters of the ruling class, is trying to straighten the situation through the institutions of the so-called social state. It only a little restrains the destructive elements of the market, simultaneously protecting the bourgeoisie from popular anger, but does not take any effective measures. “Tops cannot”.

At the current level of scientific and technological progress and productive forces, the capitalist system is not only a brake on the development of society, but also a direct threat to its existence. Using the example of Cuba, the PRC, Vietnam and the DPRK, we can clearly see how strong the united working class is and with what decisiveness the communist parties are solving the most difficult tasks. The accumulated scientific and production potential of mankind allows us to overcome any viral infections, eliminate hunger, poverty and illiteracy, and get rid of economic crises.

Every catastrophe inevitably gives rise to a powerful wave of discontent. The class of workers under capitalism is always oppressed. These are the people who first feel the crisis on themselves. Workers are now at the forefront. It is they, and not office workers, who are forced to go to work, risking infection.

Workers must feel that they are the main productive force of mankind! But spontaneous rebellion is doomed to failure. The mass movement of workers needs unity, the vanguard in the person of the Communist Party is needed. Each Marxist is obliged to study hard himself and teach others, skillfully agitate and mobilize the working people.

Capitalism is strangling humanity. The frequency and power of crises caused by this system will steadily increase. Only the dictatorship of the proletariat is capable of liquidating the conditions under which the exploitation of workers is possible and exists.

The world is on the verge of devastating shocks. Everything has been telling us for a long time that there is no time to lose, time to act.