Common Fascist

According to the Minister, medical care for Latvian residents should be provided depending on their political beliefs

On may 9, 2020, people laid flowers to the liberators in Riga’s Victory Park.

Commenting on this, the Minister of defense of the Republic of Latvia Artis Pabriks said that if someone is infected with coronavirus in Victory Park, he will have to be treated at his own expense: “The virus does not stick to the fans of totalitarianism, and if it does stick, maybe they should not ask the country to pay for their treatment, but cover the treatment for those they surrounded.”

Despite the fact that no festive event was organized in Riga on may 9, tens of thousands of residents of the city still independently visited Victory Park and, as usual, laid out the entire square in front of the monument with flowers. On the day of the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism, there were many more flowers than in other years.

The territory of the Park is large, and people came and went from early morning until the evening, from hand-held audio speakers music of the war years sounded, some sang songs. People were walking in pairs, watched by the mounted and automobile police.

Riga. Victory Park. May 9, 2020