Don’t be a Puppet, or how not to be a Doll in Other People’s Hands

The crisis is rapidly gaining speed. According to the latest official data, the number of unemployed has increased by 3,000 people, 17 enterprises have applied for collective dismissal. It is quite possible that if the bourgeois government cannot solve the problems of employment, support for people who have lost their jobs, then social tension may arise in society.

Class contradictions are especially escalating in critical circumstances, such as war, crisis, famine, and so on. With the expected dissatisfaction, some political leaders will want to catch fish in the muddy water and, after earning political capital, take their coveted place at the state feeder. The right, so-called “Latvian”, parties will blame the current government for excessively liberal national policies and concessions to Brussels, assuring that Latvian Latvia is a way out of the crisis. The centralist parties will want to preserve the current state of affairs (their place in the sun) and will explain that everything is being done for the benefit of the people. The bourgeois “left”1 Harmony, too, will probably not stand aside and will campaign for all the good and against all the bad, remembering playgrounds and discounts on public transport. So how not to give in to false slogans?

I’ll say it more than once until the workers learn. Nowadays, all parliamentary parties represent the ruling class, the bourgeoisie. Accordingly, no party represents or protects your interests. Playgrounds are very good, free meals in kindergartens are just great. And raising the retirement age? And the reduction of unemployment benefits? And paid medicine, inflation (increase in the price of all goods except one product – the labor force)? Everybody forgot about that, you should have thrown the crumbs off the master’s table. Where are the job guarantees, where the salary is at the level of labor cost, where 100% paid sick leave from the first day? How many political parties declare to protect the interests of the majority of the population? Think about it. Everyone speaks in common about freedom, democracy, unity. What unity does the shop cashier and the shop owner have? Even if they are of the same nationality and even from the same city, but one is an exploiter and the other is exploited. Their interests are not just irreconcilable, they are the opposite. And the workers and the bourgeoisie are not on their way.

I’d like to add to the topical issue – dismissals. As long as we are trembling in fear of our superiors and hope that our colleague, not us, will be a candidate for dismissal, we can’t talk about any working unity. If workers cannot stand up for their comrade, how are we going to pull the means of production from the bourgeoisie to build a society of the future?

Conscious worker

1In reality, the party “Harmony” is not left. Boris Tsilevich, a deputy from “Harmony”, stated on television: “The Russians must have a choice, there must be not only the left party, but also the right one”. The funny thing is that ForHRUL (now the “Latvian Russian Union”), which Tsilevich meant, does not belong to the Left either. It is enough that this is the only party whose election program contained a thesis about expanding privatization.