Interview with head of Socialist Party of Latvia A. P. Rubiks

The questions were answered by the head of Socialist Party of Latvia Alfred Petrovich Rubiks. The interview took place in 2005.

What exactly lets you know that the teaching of Karl Marx is right on todays stage of the development of the society?

In everything, and first of all in the economy. For example, according to Marx's theory the initial accumulation of capital can only be predatory. In the time of Marx, the essence of  initial accumulation of capital was in the robbery of peasants, small craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Simultaneously with this process, the initial accumulation of capital leads to rapid expansion of domestic market. All this can be seen in Latvia. Agriculture is collapsed. Peasants, who received small plots of land in private ownership, can not conduct efficient management and commodity production. They are doomed to ruin. Their lands will be bought up by wealthy capitalists and banks. This is already happening in Latvia. But today there is also significant difference from the times of Karl Marx: who is rubbed most of all today is the working class. Now there is no industry, transport, energetics. The industry has been partly plundered and destroyed, partly privatized. But in all industries the situation of workers has sharply worsened – the exploitation has increased (Oh, where are you, 7–8-hour working day with a 5-day working week and an annual paid monthly vacation?), their social rights are reduced (free medicine, education, housing), they lost their ownership of the means of production – factories, power plants, transport. And together with them they also lost the right to participate in the management of the factories, to participate in their development, to receive income from their use.

Small businessesmen are constantly ruined. Thousands of small businesses cease to exist every year.

There is growth of the domestic market. The share of trade in the domestic gross product will soon reach 25%. The market is dominated by large monopolists.

Corruption and shadow economy dominate in the state. Experts say that the shadow economy (that is thieves' economy!) occupies about 40% of the total economy. Experts say about the stolen state. Everything that has been stolen must be searched for in the hands of those who have been standing at the helm of the state for all these 15 years of independent Latvia, in the hands of 500 Latvian millionaires. There is no other country in the world with so many millionaires per capita. Latvia today is a typical example of capitalist development according to Marx. All these processes more than a hundred years ago (1883) were described by the French writer Émile Zola in his novel “The Ladies' Delight”.

In Latvia, there are both relative and absolute impoverishment of the masses. The workers become absolutely poor, i.е. becomes poorer than before, because he is forced to spend more than Before, and wages won't grow so fast as the rising prices do. As a result, three quarters of the population live on incomes below the subsistence level – 100 lats. Workers are also becoming poorer relatively – their share in total public income decreases. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. All this was discovered and formulated by Marx as the laws of the development of capitalism. These laws act independet from the will of man. They are inherent in capitalism as a social formation. Therefore, workers and their political parties throughout the world are struggling not with a single capitalist, but with capitalism as such.

Your explanation of the high living standards in the so-called “developed countries”.

It is well known that the so-called “golden billion” of population, which lives in developed countries, was formed in the world, and that it's high standard of living was first provided at the expense of the colonies, and today it is provided with the exploitation of underdeveloped countries by these states. The states of the “golden billion” mercilessly and barbarously exploit natural resources, cheap labor, markets of underdeveloped countries and, through this, ensure a high linivng standard in their countries. For example, the USA, Great Britain and other capitalist countries do this in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Pacific countries, Latin America, Mexico and other regions. This is done by direct enslavement or by methods of neocolonization, like in case of Latvia. In Latvia there are all signs of neocolonization on the part of the US and the EU. For example, Latvian construction workers, who go to work in other countries of the EU, receive salaries 2–3 times lower than local construction workers from that country. The difference in wages is appropriated by the capitalist of the EU country, in which the worker from Latvia is forced to work for a 2–3 times lower salary. But the salary received abroad is higher than that received in Latvia in 5–10 or more times (!) depending on the industry. For example, the minimum wage in Luxembourg 1317 euros per month, in Great Britain – 1226, in Ireland – 1213 etc., and in Latvia – 121 euros per month.

How do you feel about the idea, known as the “golden billion”? If you agree, that is, whether Latvia chance to be among the elite? And whether it is necessary?

As I said, the “golden billion” is the well-being of some at the expense of the impoverishment of others. To me it is unacceptable, because this distribution of wealth created by man, and wealth is fundamentally unfair. It is no coincidence one of the anti-globalists of its activities push the write-off of debts of developing countries and the poor countries of the “golden billion”. With regard to Latvia, then, in my opinion, one of the favorites will get not Latvia, and only its territory and its millionaires. All other inhabitants of Latvia to the course will be: who will agree to feed them for free? A simple labor and the “golden” excess.

In Latvia there is no chance to get into the family of the “golden billion”. His natural resources there, the economy is destroyed thoroughly, investments from EU funds is much lower not only the real needs, but also smaller countries of “old Europe.” Transit goes to Lithuania and Estonia. Young people do not see the motivation for education, and those who are studying, their future is associated with work and life abroad. Politicized the struggle over school reform will lead to the emergence of a large number of poorly educated young people.

Indiscriminate following Latvia Team Leader of the US administration and the interests of the EU has led to a deterioration in the quality of life in Latvia and it will continue. Latvia from a developed and flourishing republic of the Soviet Union became a wealthy suburb of Europe and there she was to be a long time, if not come to power, political forces that can change the situation in the first place in economics and international relations.

What is the demographic situation in Europe and its impact on Latvia?

The demographic situation in Europe has expressed a number of trends: Europe's population is aging, in Europe there is a low birth rate in Europe reduced the share of its own (title) of the population in the national states. Especially rapidly growing Muslim population in the “old” European countries. For example, in France the Muslim population – immigrants from North Africa and Turkey, is already 10 percent of the population and has a rapid growth due to the high potential ability to increase the number. The same can be said about the Turkish population in Europe as a whole. It is an objective process, accompanying the market, ie, free movement of goods and labor... Therefore, all attempts of politicians of Latvia to “preserve the purity and multiply” their titular nation are doomed to failure. Any Latvian or Latvian, married to a representative of another nation, forever put an end to the birth of “pure Latvian or Latvian” in procreation. The fact that the authorities carried out today in Latvia on the issue of Russian schools and Russian language, in the long run doomed to failure. While in the European Union, Latvia will speak in Russian, in Latvian and in English (or German, in French) This is an absolutely objective processes that will stop politicians incapable.

In an interview with “Kommersant Baltic Daily” April 25, 2005 You said: “With the wolves live – a wolf howl.” Are you personally ready to “howl like a wolf” and in what cases it is absolutely unacceptable for you? How do you define the line beyond which you can not cross?

This expression – “To live with wolves – wolf howl” about the policy applied VI Lenin. It is pleasant to me, because It contains a certain tolerance, rather than obsession with anything whatsoever. As for the border, which can be “like a wolf howl”, then there is a clear limit, which is also defined by Lenin, saying that I would go for an alliance even with chёrtom if it is in favor of the revolution. For me it means – not to deviate from the basic principles. In politics, for me, these principles are: fair from the point of view of most people's socialist system of life, the friendship of the peoples of the world and Latvia in particular, a world without wars, without exploitation of man by man, honesty in all respects.

How do you feel about the idea of ​​the welfare state and what you see in his opposition of the idea of ​​a socialist state? Why do you think the Social Democrats needed this “fiction”? (“This is a social democratic fiction interview in “Baltic Daily Kommersant” newspaper of 25 April 2005.)

The welfare state – is under capitalism is impossible in principle, because there are classes: the bourgeois class – the class of exploiters and workers – exploited – it is necessary to destroy the classes need to be a classless society. Such a society is, the communist social order. The welfare state are trying to consider himself the richest and most developed countries. But just look at the dynamics of the cuts in the social gains of the working people in these countries over the past 15 years to realize that it is the welfare of the workers were forced and temporary. The bourgeoisie had to avert their workers from the example of socialism in the USSR. Not once was the Soviet Union and began to disappear former welfare of workers in the richest and most developed capitalist countries. In ignoring the main factor of the welfare society – the lack of classes and have a false fiction. Talking about the welfare state – all nonsense, because under communism – the welfare society – the state as a machine of suppression by the ruling class other classes will not.

The value of unemployment benefits in the capitalist countries from the standpoint of Marxism?

Unemployment as such is a social and economic phenomenon of capitalism. Unemployment provides the capitalist pool of cheap labor. And for this reason it is a necessary part of the capitalist economy. And Latvia this indicator is one of the worst in the EU. The reason for that are largely destroyed and agriculture in Latvia since 1990. The capitalist countries pay unemployment benefits to reduce tensions in the social sphere. To do this, set up various funds. Funds largely formed from revenues alienated themselves working and they are not all available to the unemployed, as various restrictions are imposed on benefits. Unemployment benefits are usually short and cover only part of the essential expenses.

In an interview with “Kommersant Baltic Daily” April 25, 2005 You have said that “the 1990s have shown that a revolution may be bloodless.” Why are you, a communist, determined events 90s as a revolution?

Events 90s were revolutionary changes that have occurred on the cardinality. But, as a result of these dramatic changes occurred regress, rather than development, by its form, it was counter-revolutionary changes that occurred as a result of the return to the capitalist path.

What, in your opinion, should lead in the near future legionnaires march through the streets of Riga?

To exacerbate the situation in the country, the growth of the anti-fascist sentiment and strengthen the views (especially abroad) on the growth of neo-Nazism in Latvia.

How do you see education in Latvia, which would you think is right organized?

Education in Latvia is low. About 10 percent of elementary school students actually graduate from ninth grade to be underachieving. This is a very sad result. The reason for that is the lack of motivation of pupils to learning, absurd politicization of education reform.

High school students should have the right and the opportunity to receive education in their native language. As for the Latvian language, it permanently residing in Latvia need to know, but to master it is not necessary with the help of some nothing unreasonable percent as subjects to study in Latvian, as in Russian, but by high quality and correct its teaching in schools. For the 9 and 12 years studying the language can be learned. In Latvia, schools for the teaching and development of students of the Latvian language today no qualified teachers of the Latvian language in schools with Russian as the language of instruction, nor sensible textbooks and manuals.

In the same interview of April 25, 2005 You say that more than a third of children born in wedlock. How and what should be, in your opinion, to change, to institute legal marriage has become more popular among young people?

It is necessary for all the channels of formation of public opinion to raise the prestige of the family and stop propaganda of immorality and sex. This is the first. Secondly, we need public care of the family and the children, the mothers in the first place – to help families economically. Current payments are too small. And finally, you must stop using the woman, her image as an object of vile entertainment, especially on television, in nightclubs and bars, various anthropological contests and advertising.

With the present state of things is the integration of the Latvian society is possible and on what basis? As far as she was hindered by the acts of the ruling elite?

The current policy of the Latvian authorities does not correspond to the integration of the multinational population of the state. It is rather similar to the policy of “divide and conquer” In Latvia there is a process of separation along ethnic lines in the power, in business, in religion, in politics, the media, and ideology. Latvia is heading to the formation of a bi-communal structure of society, which will lead to a sharp aggravation of the confrontation between the community and the community of Latvians speak in Russian. This is very dangerous, as shown by events in the world, Europe and the former Soviet republics.

Any narrow-minded nationalist politicians and their yes-men type Kirshtejnsa Dobelisa, Tabunsa, Guard, etc. have the opportunity to publicly insult and blame various sins they are not popular with the residents of Latvia, distort and rewrite history. This is a very dangerous path. Unfortunately this policy is often supported and carried out by officials of supreme power in the state. What happened and continues to happen around the history of the Great Patriotic War, then how insulted and discriminated against and subjected to the participants of the Second World War, fought in the Red Army against Nazi Germany, can not pass without leaving a trace. Already have a negative impact. For example, about two-thirds of respondents in Russia believe that in Latvia, to put it mildly, is encouraged fascism at the official level of government. How could I be such a mood, if the President of Latvia, cynically stated that Latvia does not veterans of the Second World War, if it is insulting says about vodka, roach, chastushkas and Matryoshka, surrounded by what the Great Patriotic War veterans celebrate Victory Day over Nazi Germany. In Latvia, in fact, there are privileges for those who fought on the side of Nazi Germany in the notorious Legion “Waffen SS”, who was hiding in the bandit formations in the forests after the war and the killing of Soviet power activists, but there are no benefits and privileges to those who fought against Hitler's Germany. It's a very fundamental questions, and in conjunction with the continuing legally and historically unfounded accusations of Russian occupation of Latvia may lead to unpredictable consequences.

For real integration of the Latvian society than they should sacrifice Latvians and Russian than the inhabitants of Latvia?

Neither the Russian nor the Latvians do not have to compromise anything. They both peoples for centuries lived and still live together. Behavior must change the policy of Latvia. It is necessary to remove the slogans like “Russian go!” And “the Latvian, do not surrender!”, It is necessary to stop the violent repression of the Russian language, and with it the Russian culture (!) From the community. We should stop rewriting history “by their own yardstick.” We have to give Latvian citizenship without going through all the humiliating procedure of naturalization, who lived and worked in Latvia as at 21 August 1991 and wish to receive it. It should not be aware of Minority ethnic people of disloyalty to the state of Latvia. State plundered not Russian, and themselves “bralelini” (lads) or with their connivance.

The Latvian language is necessary to know everyone who resides in Latvia and linked his fate with her.

Finally, please call the few major areas that you think are most important for all those who live in Latvia.

Part of them I have already mentioned, in response to the previous question. In addition, I would say that the fate of Latvia depends on all the people living in Latvia.

Basically, all the troubles happening in Latvia and are generated due to the mediocre leaders at the helm of the state, unable for the past 15 years to develop and adopt scientifically and historically grounded the concept of development of the state. Regulations of the country, in fact, the puppet rulers, following the instructions in any US, NATO and the EU without considering the truth of history, needs and desires of its own people. Those in power, political parties have gone bankrupt, signing disadvantageous to the people of Latvia conditions of accession to the EU by signing the new EU Constitution is translated from the 500 (!) Errors without examining all the documents and the conditions governing the presence of Latvia in the European Union, Latvia plunging into the occupation of Iraq. Alas, the list could be continued, but this will be enough.

Where is the exit? In the elections of the 9th Saeima say a categorical no to those politicians who systematically change their party affiliation, and names of the parties. All this only a deception of voters and no more. These policies are unable to change their own corrupt nature, lovers of easy prey for their own benefit. They are far people's interests. The above assessment of their activities by his people for their assessment of transatlantic and European rulers of the world.

We have to go to the polls and vote for the candidates of those parties, who organized the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War May 9 in Riga in the Victory Park.

Show such solidarity, as the celebration of Victory Day, where they were all together – Russian, Latvians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Jews and representatives of many other nationalities – so Save the Fatherland, will improve life for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

That is the only way to save our Fatherland, whose name is our common Latvia!