Our Victory Depends Only on Us

The will of people of Lativa is to abolish the brutal law on the elimination of Russian-language schools. To enforce this  decision, people should report it by taking part in the street rallies. There is no other way now to achieve the implementation of the second article of the Constitution of Latvia1.

We all need to understand that no one will help us. None of the prominent active Latvian politicians connects their fate with the people, does not put the objective interests of the people above their own selfish interests. The entire political spectrum of the parties is engaged in the election campaign for seats in Parliament, and they are interested in the people of their own country only as in the “electorate”, that is, as in those who should vote for them during the elections. This is the only purpose of their political actions, assertions, promises, statements.

On the other hand, the government exists at the expense of the people, and it does not really need any problems with the people. If more and more people join the rallies in defense of Russian-language schools, the government will be forced to abolish the anti-people law.

Essentially, the capitalist democracy means that the oppressed classes enjoy the right to decide once in several years which representative of the propertied classes shall represent and suppress the people in parliament. No more and no less than that. To achieve justice, one must openly and widely express their dissatisfaction, demanding concrete steps, putting the enemy in a situation in which he will decide to retreat.

The power in a bourgeois state—Latvia also being an example of such state—always adopts laws that are beneficial to the ruling class, but this does not mean that the people are powerless — the people can and should influence on what is profitable for the ruling class and what is not, and to what extent. The organized masses of the people who went out into the street, are able to force politicians to rethink the current moment.

Down with the hatred between Russians and Latvians imposed from above! Long live peace and friendship of peoples! Nationalism is alien to any worker, any ordinary person. Workers must be united in their impulse for social justice, united in the face of the servants of capital, and this is the only way to achieve better lives of ordinary people.

Workers of different nationalities, unite against those who live at your expense (after all they are also united), and then together we will create the world's best system of universal education, a powerful health care system, ensure the conditions for the well-being and free all-round development of all members of society. And the one who is against this, is the traitor and the enemy of the people.

Workers Front of Latvia

June 2, 2018

1The sovereign power of the State of Latvia is vested in the people of Latvia.