Poll: Latvian People Not Consider Possible to Influence Parliament.

Residents of Latvia do not consider it possible to influence the will of the Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia (data from the SKDS poll).

At the moment, only bourgeois parties are in the Latvian Parliament, i.e. parties representing the interests of the ruling class of capitalists, not the working people. It means that people vote for representatives of capital in elections, and it would be naive to think that such deputies will defend something else, not the interests of capitalists.

The system where workers are allowed to control the executive and legislative powers is known. This system is called “Soviet power” – the power of the working majority, which is the most complete form of democracy, as opposed to the parliamentary “talking shop.” Relying on the labor collectives, the system of Soviet power ensures the recall of deputies at any moment and from any level.

Conservatives, nationalists or “alternatives” are none of these parties and do not think to protect workers’ interests.

SKDS poll message: twitter.com