The Great Patriotic War

On June 22, 1941, Germany and its satellites treacherously attacked the USSR – this was the beginning of the war in which the Soviet Union lost 27 million people. To reduce the war to the phrases “Germans against Russians” or “Hitler against Stalin” is completely illiterate and absurd. Two antagonistic systems fought in this war: on the one hand, capitalism in its reactionary-chauvinistic form (fascism), on the other hand, communism; and, accordingly, two economies, two ideologies.

In the work “My Struggle”, A. Hitler did not hide the plans for the conquest of “living space” in the East for the German nation: “The German sword for the German plow”. And coming to power in 1933, Hitler began to implement this plan. European states (primarily France and the UK) made no effort to prevent an imminent threat to global security. The proposals of the USSR to create a military coalition against Germany were not supported.

The Soviet leadership was informed of the plans of the Nazi leadership and did not have any illusions even after the conclusion of the non-aggression pact in 1939. Indeed, already in September 1939, Germany had developed a plan for a defense treaty with Lithuania, as a result of which Lithuania would be part of the German Reich. The USSR was preparing for war, modernized the army, strengthened industry.

We should not forget the following. For any capitalist (and, in particular, imperialist) state, the USSR was a class adversary. And the very fact of the existence of the proletarian state aroused hostility even among the most “peace-loving” bourgeoisie. Therefore, it was important for the Soviet leadership to remove as many possible opponents as possible from the impending war, while not incurring military and economic losses. As a result, after the treacherous attack of the Nazi troops, it was Germany that was recognized as the aggressor country, which later helped to form the anti-Hitler coalition.

The war against the USSR was precisely a war of extermination, of turning the inhabitants into slaves and killing the “extra population”. Historical science reveals more and more details of the brutal plans of the Nazis, and therefore we should never forget those thanks to whom we have the opportunity to live.

Freedom for Soviet man was, first and foremost, freedom from capitalist oppression, from exploitation, and Soviet man defended it in that terrible war. Will we manage to acquire our own…?