The Independent Miners’ Union of Donbass is Growing

The mining movement in the Donbass entered a phase of rapid development at the end of 2019. Some miners had already tried to stop working in the mines, and the government was forced to promise to raise salaries to the Rostov level, but two years later. And a major victory was won at the Skochinsky mine – wage arrears were repaid.

In February 2020, representatives of yet another labor collective joined the trade union – the Kirov mine! Thus, the union already covers 18 mines.

The Independent Miners’ Trade Union approved the following action plan:

  1. Massive exit from the yellow trade union PRUP1.
  2. When workers learn to submit applications, it will no longer be difficult for them to write a notice of suspension of work until the full repayment of wage arrears.
  3. The first two steps will prepare the workers for a strike demanding an increase in the price of labor.

The activities of the trade union are hindered by the martial law in the Donbass, but the workers are still operating. For safety reasons, at the initial stage, admission to the trade union is made without a written application and all communication takes place in closed groups. The issue of the newspaper “Miner of Donbass” has been set up.

List of already existing primary trade union organizations:

  • Mine “Kirov,”
  • Mine “Chelyuskintsev,”
  • Mine “Zarya,”
  • Mine “Progress,”
  • Mine “Kholodnaya Balka,”
  • Mine “Gornyak 95,”
  • Mine “Shcheglovskaya Glubokaja,”
  • Mine “Kalinovskaya,”
  • Mine “Komsomolets Donbassa,”
  • Mine “Zhdanovskaya,”
  • Mine “Zasyadko,”
  • Mine “Kalinin,”
  • Mine “Skochinsky,”
  • Mine “Komsomolskaya” (Lugansk People’s Republic),
  • Mine “Ilovaiskaya,”
  • Mine “Bazhanova,”
  • Mine “Lutugin.”

As long as there is a civil war in Donbass, and the parties to the conflict, through their state television channels, impose arguments about which of the nationalities is better and call each other fascists, the class struggle between labor and capital does not cease to exist, and the exploitation of workers only intensifies.

As in Latvia, the ruling class in Donbass is trying to substitute class contradictions with interethnic ones in the heads of the people. We wish the working class of Donbass every success in the difficult battle with capital!

1PRUP (Rus. ПРУП) – Trade Union of Coal Industry Workers.