This Day In History of Latvia: July 4, 1940

On July 4, 1940, preparations began for the election of the People’s Parliament (Tautas Saeima).

From the minutes of the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers under the leadership of A. Kirhenšteins:

“The following decision is made:
1) Immediately hold the elections of the Seimas in accordance with Article 6 of the Satversme” (Constitution) “of the Republic of Latvia by universal, equal, direct, secret, and proportional vote.
2) Set the following time for the elections to the Parliament: July 14 and 15, 1940.
3) Adopt an election law and immediately implement it.”

The decision on the upcoming elections was enthusiastically accepted by the working people, as a result of which the jubilant masses gathered again in the city, as evidenced by the telephone message of A. Y. Vyshinsky to the USSR People’s NKID (People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs) dated July 5:

“In connection with the upcoming elections to the Latvian Parliament today, on July 5, a huge demonstration took place in Riga. The procession of demonstrators lasted over 4 hours. Numerous speakers spoke before the embassy, demanding the accession of Latvia to the Soviet Union. The demonstration went well.”

16,000 people’s rally in Daugavpils. Issue of “Daugava’s Messenger” of July 8, 1940.