Come Get Some — Almost For Free!

Today, driving by a gas station, I drew my attention to a long line of cars standing right on the road. There were at least a hundred cars: everyone wanted to catch a tidbit of fuel at a reduced price. Of course! After all, 8 cents per liter is an unprecedented discount. If you buy 50 liters, you can save 4 euros! This is an incredible amount of money, for which you need to stand in line for 30–40 minutes, while burning the same amount of fuel! People, what are you doing?!

Why is it better to snatch a couple of saved euros than, for example, to organize a protest, a rally to go out together and show the authorities that we are unhappy with the endless increase in fuel prices? Why does everyone stand in line when this time can be used to greater advantage? After all, if people had not been engaged in this nonsense, but united and organized collective actions, then one would not have to stand in this queue on their day off at all.

Think about it, because everything is in our hands.

Reduced prices at a gas station that caused a stir