Conscious Worker on Events of the Week

The collection of signatures continues to demand the dissolution of the Latvian parliament (Saeima). Residents of the country are fed up with the impunity and irresponsibility of the “servants of the people” and the attempt is performed to use legal law to deal with this. Unfortunately, changing people at the helm of the country will not change the situation of a working person. Again, there will be phrases about the “common good”, “socially responsible state”, “national idea”, but in reality the situation in the country is only going to get worse, since capitalism is about money, not about people.

The prime minister says that there are many hospitals in Latvia, and the minister of education, that there are many universities. Judging by these statements, it can be assumed that the ruling class wants to see the inhabitants of Latvia as sick ignoramuses who are easy to manage. The conclusions of the European Health Commission confirm that Latvian medicine is in deep crisis and thoughtless financial injections will not solve anything.

In Latvia, it will be allowed to dismiss people with disabilities: they are unprofitable for business. Of course, no one doubts, because capitalism is about money. We can expect soon the cancellation of maternity leave and sick leave, because it is also unprofitable. Tell me, at least one political party proposed 100% sick leave payment from the first day? Or shortening of the working day leaving salaries untouched? Or, perhaps, for the abolition of the “deputy salary coefficient”? Think about why.

Conscious worker