Independence Day

The “patriotic week” died down and ended with the celebration of the Independence Day. According to the state’s plan, all the events held were to show the unity of the people of Latvia around a common goal or idea, regardless of the person’s level of wealth or position in society. There were motor rallies with state flags, numerous torchlight processions, and they also patriotic films were shown. From the TV screens, we heard a lot of conversations about Latvianness, nation and patriotism. They told us that one should not complain about what is happening, one should just work for Latvia, and work more. And then sooner or later life will get better.

Ok, let’s see what we will get. Let’s imagine you will work for 10–11 hours a day, instead of 8 or 9. Who will benefit from your work in this case? It will be the employer – the one to whom you sell your work force so as not to starve to death! Will the queues for doctors decrease, will there be new schools for your children, will there be new jobs that guarantee you have your job and payment at its real value? You can answer this question yourself. And the deputies Janis or Ivan, who were walking alongside you with their flags, will continue to pass laws that are directed against ordinary workers (the laws on reducing benefits, reducing salaries for doctors, and raising taxes on the people). And they will protect those who pay them – the bourgeoisie.

For capital, you are a source of profit, and nothing more.

Think about it: who you work for without lunch and through the weekends.

Conscious worker