News From Latgale

RTU Daugavpils Study and Science Center

Activists of the Workers’ Front of Latvia from the Latgale organization regularly provide the capital and other regions with information about the events taking place in their region. We publish a summary of these news for the past period. Let the Latgalian comrades speak!

On the eve of the 102nd anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Latvia, the public became aware of another case of infringement of the rights of citizens of this very republic.

The lecturer of Daugavpils branch of RTU was called to the university ethics commission for several posts in Facebook with criticism of the Latvian government (not RTU, but Latvia!). Earlier the same year, this commission had already called the lecturer Oleg Verkhodubov for a similar reason, though with violations: retroactively and without coordination with his immediate superior.

When the servants of the bourgeoisie hold such punitive actions, it is a sure sign that the capitalists are afraid of the masses. And the worse their situation is, the fiercer the system will try to hide their discontent. Soon we will hear more about such lecturers of RTU. The only way to stop the “mouth shut” is the organized struggle of workers for their interests.

Deputy Mayor of Daugavpils Janis Lacplesis has an idea!

Deputy Mayor of Daugavpils Janis Lacplesis

“The idea of creating a public council has the support of citizens – send applications”.

The idea of creating a public council of citizens that would express their interests may seem attractive at first sight. A politician who proposes such progressive initiatives will probably find support and response from the citizens, and, importantly, will gain additional points in the election race.

But what does Mr. Vice-Mayor really offer?

As he himself stated, “I would like to know the opinion of representatives of different groups of population, people who enjoy deserved authority”. However, let me remind you that only businessmen, bureaucrats, representatives of bohemia and other “Atlants” enjoy authority in bourgeois state, but not ordinary workers, teachers or doctors, social sphere workers and other people who bring real benefit to society. So, will such be able to express interests of the majority? To count on it would be the ultimate naivety.

Therefore, do not believe in the beautiful forms of public association that bourgeois politicians offer you (and during the pre-election period, such proposals from them begin to come with enviable regularity). Remember that only the creation of work councils (which, unlike some “public councils”, are a real organ of people’s power), the unification into trade unions and organization of the working class party can contribute to the defense of the interests of the working people, and express the interests of the majority of members of society.


For 30 years the bourgeois government of Latvia has been broadcasting about the ethical and economic superiority of the capitalist system. Everywhere they assure us that today’s reality is democracy at its best.

And what is it really about?

Recently it became known about the arrest of the owner of the confectionery company “Adugs”, businessman Jāzeps Zukuls on charges of human trafficking, money laundering and bodily injury. Indian workers were stripped of their passports and forced to work at companies in Līvāni and Ķekava under threat of reprisals. This situation came to light only after the police began investigating tax evasion at the factory and after the Indian Embassy approached the police.

Who is Jāzeps Zukuls?

This person had considerable connections in political circles of Latgale and actively developed his “business” in this region. In 2016, he became known that he was engaged in buying votes for the party “Saskaņa” in the elections in Līvāni.

It may seem to readers that vote buying and slavery are wrong, but these phenomena are only inseparable “advantages” of the capitalist formation. A person’s actions within the framework of the market system are determined by his wallet, and in order to fill it, the bourgeois will commit any crime, be it slavery or murder.