Workers Front of Latvia Resolution on Attitude Towards Bourgeois and Petty-Bourgeois Parties

Paying attention to the fact:

  1. that in the present period existing Latvian parties especially express their essence in their electoral programs;
  2. that the task before WFL is to determine the class content of Latvian parties and, in accordance with this, our attitude towards them;
  3. that WFL realizes the need to expose the reactionary nature of the bourgeois parties and, at the same time, support general democratic and constructive opposition movement, —

the Assembly acknowledges:

  1. that at present the bourgeois power in Latvia is completely divorced from society, has placed itself above the society and serves the interests of the big bourgeoisie and transnational corporations;
  2. that none of the existing parties represented in the parliament and claiming to enter it represent the fundamental interests of the working class and all working people as a whole;
  3. that none of the parties is capable of presenting a coherent and integral program for the economic development of Latvia, getting rid of populist promises and common words, promoting projects that are beneficial to the eurobureaucracy and local oligarchs and harmful to the Latvian economy;
  4. that even parties that position themselves as social-democratic only use social-democratic rhetoric, but in fact they pursue a policy of attacking the rights and interests of workers, protecting the interests of employers;
  5. that reactionary nationalist parties clearly and openly (and most of the others in a more or less veiled form) advocate the split of the working class and the society on a national basis and provoke inter-ethnic enmity within the society, as well as international tension.

the Assembly states:

  1. that irrespective of what parties will get in the 13th Parliament of Latvia and what coalitions they will create, the real interests of the working people will not be presented in the parliament;
  2. that in Latvia objectively even under the new government there are no grounds for changing the stable trends for the deterioration of the economic and social situation of the majority of the population, depopulation and general degradation of society;
  3. that in order to counteract these tendencies, the working people of Latvia need to create trade unions and other public associations independent of the state and employers, to study the experience of the class struggle of their worthy ancestors and to join the party of the working class that will become its vanguard and will be able to make the transition to a just society;
  4. that none of the existing bourgeois and petty-bourgeois parties deserves full support;
  5. that at the same time some of the general democratic points of the parties' programs deserve a positive attitude, bearing in mind, however, their half-hearted and forced character;
  6. that the struggle for national equality is also democratic; however, such a struggle, which is not being conducted from the standpoint of proletarian internationalism and responding petty-bourgeois nationalism, can not lead to a lasting positive result.

The resolution was approved by the WFL Coordinators Council on September 17, 2018.