Transit Closure & The End of European Money

Events of Week Through Eyes of Conscious Worker. #2

The Russian Federation carries transit from Latvia to its own ports. The open anti-Russian rhetoric of Latvia and the reluctance of Russian oligarchs to share profits prompted Russian business to develop their infrastructure. How will this affect ordinary workers? This will result in a loss of jobs if the government does not find a replacement for goods from the east. Also, the budget will lose the income item, which will affect the tax burden on ordinary people and social programs.

European money is also coming to an end. Consequently, unpopular measures will be taken again among the people for the next “optimization” of any industry. The state refused to repay student loans to employees of socially important professions. Accordingly, higher education is becoming increasingly inaccessible by ordinary people, and it will be very difficult for children of workers to overcome this level.

Legislators from the Parliament decided that it is easier to repeal the law on increasing salaries for teachers than to satisfy it. What does this mean for ordinary people? And the fact that deputies do only the will of their employers – big business, and all laws will protect their interests, and not the interests of the working majority. All power is in their hands, therefore the adoption and repeal of certain laws is a matter of technology. And before the next election there will be oath assurances that everything is done for the good of the people.

The working people themselves have the power to control production and the state – the state that will protect their interests. Do we need parasites living at our expense and at the expense of our children?

Conscious worker