What are the Capitalists Afraid of?

An article published on the Delfi news portal tells about that McDonald’s created a special secret unit a few years ago to spy on employees who are in favor of raising wages to $15 an hour. At the same time, they use various methods of surveillance, including openly immoral tricks. Adepts of capitalism will say that this is “the wrong company, because a socially responsible businessman always cares about his employees, regularly raises wages, and provides social guarantees.” It’s a little different.

Back in 1939, the first anti-union company was registered in the United States. Even then, the bourgeoisie was aware of the threat from the unification of workers and in every possible way tried to prevent the creation of trade unions. By the 1990s, these companies were generating millions, and up to two-thirds of employers turned to such “consultants”. Coca-Cola, Mazda, General Electric, Mars – they were all clients of similar companies.

Comrades working people! Capital is really afraid of us. So afraid that he spends millions to prevent us from uniting into a formidable force. The media and various “experts” trumpet about the superiority of individualism over collectivism, about how you should think only about your own profit in order to become successful. And the working people, by their striving for unification, prove the opposite.

In Latvia, such measures are not yet needed by the bourgeoisie. The working people are still disunited, do not strive for unification, have not realized their objective class interests. In these conditions, the exploiters are calm, and they do not need threats or intimidation.

Unite and fight! It doesn’t matter what nationality your comrade is and what language he speaks – the main thing is that he is ready to fight with you for your common, class interests!