Where Do Covid Dissidents and Other Conspiracy Theorists Come From?

Rumors of the opposite direction are actively spreading in society today. On the one hand, they broadcast that there is no covid, that it is almost an ordinary flu, that all quarantine measures are a world conspiracy with someone’s selfish purpose. On the other hand, that the covid was created artificially for the destruction of people, again for someone’s selfish purpose. These two opposites converge only in the fact that the authorities lie to us all about the covid, and that the purpose of this whole covid campaign, although not entirely clear, is obviously malicious and selfish.

Quite similar rumors are being created about the activities of extraterrestrials on Earth, the impact on the consciousness of people in different ways, from irradiation from TV towers to secret microchipping. Well, and it is quite obvious that scientists are hiding from us the real history of mankind, the secrets of Shambhala and even the true form of our planet.

What is the basis of such a riot of conspiracy theories, which have flourished especially noticeably in recent years?

Psychotherapist Arthur Utinans believes that this phenomenon comes from the peculiarities of our psyche https://rus.delfi.lv/delfi-plus/istorija-dnja/vinovat-fejsbuk-ili-sssr-eksperty-pochemu-sosedu-yanke-my-verim-bolshe-chem-pravitelstvu.d?id=52742101. Political scientist Aigars Freimanis is sure that people who arouse public opinion by denying generally accepted facts are looking for popularity and have political goals https://rus.delfi.lv/delfi-plus/latvija/maski-sbrosheny-kak-latviya-boretsya-s-kovid-dissidentami-i-avtorami-fejkovyh-novostej.d?id=52742681. Seimas Deputy Janis Urbanovich claims that dissidents’ covid is generated by mistrust of the government and its helpless, inconsistent actions https://www.facebook.com/janis.urbanovichs/posts/1139370573164442. All of the above certainly takes place to one degree or another. But the root of the problem lies deeper.

The goal of capitalist production is to make a profit. In the name of this, all the gears of the bourgeois state machine turn. All the institutions of power, all the media work for this: buy more, buy now, take out a loan, just let the capitalist earn money! This passion for enrichment permeates all corners of public consciousness, encompasses those areas where commercialization does not belong at all. Why treat an insolvent patient? Let him quickly leave for another world. Why treat a rich client quickly and efficiently? Let him run around on specialists, on analyzes. And then he will return again to us with his money, which will become ours. Do you need quality education? Hire tutors! Do you want to consume quality foods? Overpay for an “ecological” label! Do you like music, movies, books? We will crush all Internet pirates, you will pay us! Do you want to breathe air? Okay, breathe freely for now, but we are working on that too.

Watching all this riot of cash around them, people who have not even read Capital become spontaneous Marxists. They understand perfectly well: if the bourgeois government wants something, imposes something, forces something, then this is by no means out of concern for an ordinary person, but in order to give money to certain groups of the ruling class. Do they need to wear masks, use disinfectants? – This is all lobbied by manufacturers and traders! Are they introducing travel bans, bans on rallies? – Yes, we know who benefits from all this! From here, not long before: “They say that the Earth is in the shape of a ball? – they are probably lying in someone’s interests, the Earth is most likely flat!”

And what is characteristic, many of these suspicions are really not groundless. With the general coronacrisis, individual firms are making huge amounts of money, and the number of billionaires in the world is growing! The bourgeoisie learned to make money on human misery, suffering and wars as successfully as on creation and production.

Therefore, the authorities will be suspicious of self-interest, of deceiving the population as long as the capitalist mode of production exists. And where there is a real basis for such suspicions, all sorts of conspiracy theories will arise there, even in those cases in which the authorities speak the truth.

Socialist production aims at the full welfare and free all-round development of every member of society. There is no place in it for cheating the people. There is no room in it for deceiving the people. It makes no sense to mindlessly waste limited natural resources for the prosperity of an insignificant handful of rich people. You cannot build your personal happiness in it on the misfortunes of other members of society. With the establishment of socialism, absurd conspiracy theories will die out naturally, and people of the future will remember covid dissidents, supporters of a “new chronology” or flat-earthers as wild and backward primitive savages.