DPRK Will Not Let Coronavirus Through

Pyongyang sent financial assistance to China to fight the coronovirus.

Encouraging is to see the level of responsibility with which the DPRK approached the fight against the threat of the coronavirus epidemic. Strict border control, cancellation of all tourist flights, quarantine for people who have already arrived, briefing of the population, distribution of masks. Turns out also in this matter, the DPRK turned out to be a cut above any bourgeois republic.

Even CNN noted that North Korea was “uncharacteristically transparent” with regard to its work on the fight against coronavirus.1 “Prevention is the best policy when there are no vaccines or drugs, ” the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAK) reports.

Forget everything you ever heard about North Korea from the bourgeois media. Real North Korea is a modern, prosperous communist country with an extremely efficient planned economy and all the conditions for human development.

Today, the DPRK is the only country where there is communism in the first phase (socialism). In North Korea there is no private ownership of the means of production, and therefore the most important human freedom has been achieved – there is no exploitation of man by man. Every member of Korean society, every worker is the true owner of his country. In the DPRK, despite the long-term economic blockade by bourgeois states, a good standard of living has been achieved, which the working people of many, many countries of the world can only dream about; people work no more than eight hours a day, they have access to all the latest achievements of science and technology, including libraries, the Internet, mobile phones, world classical and technical literature; there is no cruelty and debauchery on television – conditions are created for the free comprehensive development of each member of society, people in the DPRK are becoming more developed and conscious with each generation. All progressive humanity, all the peoples of the world see in the Korean People’s Democratic Republic a momentous hope for a peaceful, prosperous future for humanity, because in the DPRK, everyone is everyone’s friend, comrade and brother.