We invite you to the Marxist club!

The current global economic crisis has exposed many problems and contradictions of modern society, and has hit the welfare of the majority of workers. The most caring, deep-thinking people are increasingly thinking about the essence of this crisis, its roots and root causes. Attempts to understand the phenomena of our life encourage more and more people to turn to fundamental knowledge about society, to Marxism. Marxism as a science, worn out and dogmatized in the last years of the USSR, deceived and perverted in the years of the triumph of savage capitalism, remains, nevertheless, a coherent, integral and true system of knowledge about the development of human society, the state, the driving forces and contradictions of those phenomena that have for centuries agitated the minds of mankind. Reading the lines written by great scientists and philosophers fifty, a hundred, two hundred and more years ago, you can not help noticing in them a surprisingly clear description of today and modern problems, you begin to understand their origins, see ways to solve them.

Karl Marx

On September 3, the Riga Marxist club begins its next cycle of lessons/conversations, to which everyone is invited. Together we will study the basics of Marxist theory, philosophical and historical questions, connect them with the present day and search for answers to pressing questions of our time, based on a solid Foundation of scientific knowledge.

We plan to conduct conversations both in person on Fridays at 7pm, and by broadcasting them on the Internet using the Discord program. Visual AIDS and audio recordings of conversations will also be posted on our resources on the Internet.

Classes are voluntary, free of charge and, based on the experience of the previous year and a half, very useful for those who are not content with superficial knowledge, but intend to get to the bottom of the matter. Those who wish to attend them (in person or in absentia), please provide their phone numbers, which will be sent a message with information about the next lesson and an invitation in the Discord for remote participation.

Our email address: [email protected]

An approximate list of topics for classes for the new academic year, which can be changed and supplemented depending on current events and the wishes of students:

Topics of classes of the Riga Marxist club for 2020/21


  • Marxism is a science and worldview
  • Theory and history of Marxism
  • Marxism and modern bourgeois myths about it


  • Economic foundations of Marxism
  • On the origin of classes and class struggle
  • Stages of development of capitalism
  • The socio-economic formations
  • Concept of private property
  • Division of labor and private property
  • Marxist anatomy of capitalism


  • Development of socialist and Communist ideas from utopia to science
  • Marxist theory of the state
  • Forms, essence and historical types of the state
  • The dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxist theory
  • Soviets as a form of dictatorship of the proletariat
  • Soviets and the death of socialist democracy
  • Marxism and the national question
  • The moral foundations of Marxism
  • Marxism and religion
  • Bureaucracy-history, essence and modern problems


  • What is a salary and how to increase it
  • Degree of exploitation in modern Latvia
  • economy of Latvia
  • Labour Code Of The Republic Of Latvia


  • The great French revolution
  • Paris commune
  • Lenin’s works “Where to Begin” and “What Is to Be Done?”
  • II Congress of the RSDLP
  • III Congress of the RSDLP
  • 1917 in Russia and Latvia
  • VI Congress of the RSDLP(b)
  • II Congress of Soviets and the first decrees of Soviet power
  • Lenin’s work “The Great Beginning”
  • International situation and adoption of the USSR Constitution of 1936
  • Nazism, fascism and class struggle
  • Causes of World War II, “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”


(also studied in more depth in the Riga club of lovers of Hegelian dialectics)

  • Relationships of categories of being in Hegel’s Science of logic
  • The philosophical doctrine of the essence of phenomena
  • The philosophical doctrine of the concept
  • Dialectics of the individual and universal
  • Dialectics of the necessary and the accidental, evolution and revolution
  • Truth and knowledge
  • Categories of abstract and concrete
  • Marxist philosophy and the meaning of life

Videos of lessons that have already taken place in Latvian and in Russian.