Fire Beneath the Ashes

At the moment when I no longer find the monument to the victims of the 1905 revolution in my usual place, I realize that the bourgeois state power has entered into a decisive struggle not with any particular idea or specific interpretation of history, but with the currently living Latvian population. By revising history and separating the “right” from the “wrong”, this government wants not only to frighten and humiliate people, but also to cut off the awareness of historical continuity which is a necessary condition for a healthy spiritual life of both society and each individual person. I think, therefore I exist. I remember – therefore I persist. It seems that even the demolition of symbols of unwanted reality in the pseudo-patriotic madness of the 1990s, was more humane.

At this point, it is really fascist-level barbarism. The bourgeois state power wants to take away the Great Patriotic War from the people of Latvia, putting in its place the constant whining about endless occupations. And in the same way, this power wants to erase the flames that rose in 1905, the battles and losses of 1917 and 1919, twenty years of defiance and hope on the road to socialism from our consciousness. Shall we continue yet?

Some of all this has indeed been achieved by the bourgeois government in the last 30 years. People no longer remember. “Yes, there was some monument here, but I don’t remember well, what for or why”, – that’s what two “experts” working in the tourism sphere answered me in Dundaga, where already in 2010th the memorial stone in the memory of victims of 1905 was taken in the center of the village in the name of improvement of the square. And even if the Victory Monument in Riga and the monument to civil war hero Janis Fabricius in Ventspils are torn down, the fire under the ashes will remain. There will be someone who remembers, and from a spark a flame will be rekindled.

Andris Jansons