How the Delfi Portal Saved the Pope

“Maybe NATO barking at Russia’s gates provoked Putin to invade Ukraine.” 1


“Syria, Yemen, Iraq, one war after another in Africa. There are international interests in all this. You can’t think that a free state can start a war against another free state. In Ukraine, others seem to have created the conflict. The only thing Ukrainians are accused of is reacting in the Donbass, but we are talking about events ten years ago. That argument is obsolete”. 2

What is this?! How could it be?! The patient got up on the wrong side of the bed, we need to come home immediately and give him an explanatory talk. Better yet, arrest him for supporting genocide, terrorism and all crimes against humanity, and check him for thought crimes as well! And what to do if there is a small discrepancy – if it was not a Latvian citizen, but… the Pope who said it?

Delfi, the most famous “dolphinarium” of pseudo-journalism, rushes to the aid of the bourgeois!

At the beginning of the article, a brief excerpt from the Pope’s interview is given, with the notorious quote about “NATO laissez-faire” placed at the very end, without any explanation at all. Then comes the beating of the “straw man”: a long, uninteresting explanation by the Moscow Patriarchate. In the end, the Pope’s words are left unexplained, but the appearance of a reaction to them remains. The wolves are fed and the sheep intact!

Those who recently opposed censorship with a bang have succeeded in introducing it, and now you can only safely express your opinion in our country if you are a respected high-ranking person.

No, there is freedom of speech, but there is no freedom after speech.