Labor law of Latvia and Lithuania (video)

Riga. Konstantin Gorshkov, an activist of the Lithuanian Socialist party, came to visit the Workers’ front of Latvia. Together with Latvian comrades S. Mekhnev and A. Krasniy, the comrades discussed the Labor laws and the situation of workers in the republics, which in many ways turned out to be similar.

Unfortunately, the video is currently only available in Russian, without subtitles. We will try to add subtitles in other languages to the video as soon as possible. If you want to help us and make our materials available to more readers and viewers, at least occasionally helping with translations – write to us by email [email protected] But now, enjoy your viewing!

Konstantin Gorshkov, Lithuania, Socialist party of Lithuania

  • Greeting (0:20)
  • Main dates (01:50)
  • General points (02:47)
  • Struggle attempts (07:07)
  • Liberalisation (13:52)
  • Attack on the base (20:20)
  • Conclusion (25:32)

Sergey Mekhnev, Workers’ front of Latvija

  • Greeting (26 58)
  • Comments to labor law (27:02)
  • Corporatism (28:26)
  • Overtime (32:00)
  • Normal working day (34:25)
  • On struggle and Law (37:42)

Andrey Krasnij, Workers’ front of Latvia

  • Greeting (41:54)
  • About the situation in Latvia (42:42)
  • Transit and redundancy (44:45)
  • Tred Unions (46:45)