Left-Wing Ideas

Are left-wing ideas popular in this country? According to the majority of our news outlets, that’s not the case. A permanent war against World War II monuments, a new resolution that denounces the non-aggression pact between Germany and the USSR in 1939 – all these actions aim to discredit the first Soviet state and, as a result, the communist ideology in general. Some even believe that the Third Reich was a socialist state because “it was ruled by the National SOCIALIST Party” (in reality, national socialism was built upon the negation of Marxism). If you are not able to destroy the idea, destroy its symbol instead. And that symbol is the Soviet Union.

If one does not support communism as a progressive socioeconomic formation, then you must realize that this person supports capitalism, which only hinders the development of the society. Imagine if somebody called for the abolition of capitalism in hopes of returning to feudalism with its division into social classes and serfdom. Does this sound bizarre to you? However the ruling class is still strong: it uses any means necessary to stay in power and further exploit the workers. You have probably noticed that the media prefer not to use the word “capitalism.” Instead, they often mention democracy and the welfare state. They try to mask the class contradictions and replace them with the so-called national interests. However, hiding these contradictions, let alone solving them is impossible under capitalism. Every salaried worker experiences the consequences of this every day. Any minimum wage job simply lines the pockets of your boss. Unpaid bonus hours and additional responsibilities essentially do the same thing. And, rather amusingly, a capitalist does not care which race or ethnicity his employees are. He only cares about profit.

Many people see this cruel injustice and want to change things. However, one must see the root of the problem before taking any serious action. And the essence of this problem is capitalism. Changing the president or the MPs will not solve anything as long as this system is still in place. The means of production will remain in the hands of the bourgeoisie that will use the immense power of the state to rule us like a puppet master.

The only ones who are afraid of the left-wing ideas are those who prey on the workers and leech off their labor. The capitalists are afraid when the workers organize, and rightfully so. Which is why the ruling class is doing everything in their power to discredit communism. If you are a salaried worker, don’t let the bought media outlets fool you. They only serve the interests of capital. In our digital age any information source or book is a just few mouse clicks away. But the bourgeoisie wants to keep the working masses docile, ignorant and distracted to retain control. The parasitic elite know that they stand no chance against a united workers’ front.

Remember, knowledge is power!

Consious worker