Marxism as a Cover for Filing a Lawsuit

On October 12, the program “Latvian Panorama” on LTV-1 hastily produced a story about our organization, which consisted almost entirely of the products of a sick imagination of the channel’s editors. On the basis of these fantasies, at the end of the story, the far-reaching conclusions were made that Marxist studies are just a cover for filing a lawsuit. Apparently, thinking disorder and slander are skills required to work on Latvian television.

WFL was registered on September 2, 2020 and carries out all its activities in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization approved by the Register of Enterprises. This is not difficult to verify, just go to our YouTube channel and watch at least a few of our videos or read our newspaper, which is available on the Internet. For some reason, this newspaper LTV-1 was called underground. It contains excerpts from the Labor Code of the Republic of Lithuania with explanations, the results of the calculation of the cost of labor are published, it is written about the successes of the struggle of workers for their interests abroad. There is also a practical guide for those whose wages are delayed.

Book “State and Revolution”, published in 2011

However, the state propagandists from LTV-1 were especially delighted with the first chapter of V. I. Lenin’s work “State and Revolution”, published in our newspaper, which, by the way, was published in 2011 by the publishing house “Zvaigzne ABC” in the Latvian language as a separate brochure, freely available in bookstores and available in libraries.

But at the center of this outburst of idiocy directed at the audience is what most angered the ruling class. Five members of the WFL filed a lawsuit against Latvia with the UNHRC, demanding a ban on the demolition of the Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the Nazi invaders. The state media and their backstabbers ignore the attitude of half of the residents of Latvia, who consider the demolition of the Monument a crime. From the point of view of the employees of the state propaganda system, the desire to defend the monument in court (!) is nothing less than anti-state activity. Who do they take the audience of the TV channel for when they make such statements is a rhetorical question.

Walking along Victory Park, where destruction is still going on, LTV-1 correspondent Girts Zvirbulis makes the unsubstantiated conclusion that WFL activity is a cover for the struggle to preserve monuments.

Nevertheless, we remind you that the UN decision on the preservation of the monument and its parts is binding, because Latvia has ratified the relevant pact and its optional protocol, which gives the Human Rights Committee the authority to consider complaints and make binding decisions. The authorities of Riga continue to dismantle, which means that they are acting illegally.

In mid-October, Comrade Gorshkov, a member of the WFL Council, was illegally deported “from the European Union to the Republic of Lithuania”.

Earlier in August, the police fined the WFL 1,000 euros for distributing the newspaper “Workers’ Struggle” at the entrance of the enterprise “Latvijas Balzams”, considering the distribution as an uncoordinated picket. The WFL challenged this decision, as a result of which the fine was canceled and the case was closed. The police admitted they were wrong.

Given that the Latvian authorities have become accustomed to violating both international law and their own laws, it is possible that our Facebook account and YouTube channel may at some point be blocked. Therefore, subscribe to our Telegram channel and our page in LiveJournal, where we also publish our articles.