Minister Bordans and His Language

It is reported that the Ministry of Justice of Latvia is developing a so-called law on the restriction of bilingualism. This law prohibits the use of the Russian language at work and in public places. This is reported by the Delfi portal according to Minister Bordans. What is the purpose of such urgent and archival work being carried out by the Ministry?

Perhaps this is very important for the foreign policy of the Republic of Latvia? – We doubt it. Relations with the Russian Federation are already so damaged that “one act more or less” – no longer plays a special role. On the other hand, the Western “friends” of Latvia, who are now in a severe economic and political crisis, do not care about this statement either.

Let’s turn to domestic politics. The Russian inhabitants of Latvia over the past few months have already experienced the whole set of “democratic values”, so they simply ignore the next attack against them.

“Servants of the people” don’t give a damn about the future of Latvia, the Latvian language, or Russians – in general, all the inhabitants of Latvia. The economic catastrophe will affect everyone, regardless of nationality and language.

The thing is, elections are coming up. Bourgeois parties compete with each other in “wacky patriotism”, which consists in stinging as painfully as possible everything Russian and, oddly enough, everything Soviet. Local governments have their own atmosphere: competitions to destroy monuments and rename streets, ministries have laws, media people have expert opinions. Everyone wants to be great patriots before the elections, because the place at the feeder is limited.

But, to what extent will ordinary people, residents of Latvia, be helped by the introduction of these next criminal restrictions? Especially in the face of the threat of impoverishment associated with increase in prices for everything. People have anxiety in their eyes, and the gentlemen are PR and want even more money.