Newspaper Workers’ Struggle #1

The first issue of the newspaper “Workers’ Struggle”, the organ of the Workers’ Front of Latvia, has been published.

May, 2021

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Text of the leading article in English:
The current 2020 was marked by another global economic crisis. The conclusion of the classics of Marxism about the inevitability of cyclical crises in capitalist industry remains true to this day. Moreover, these crises are getting deeper and deeper. No sooner had the Latvian economy recovered from the previous crisis of 2008, as it collapses again. This time, the fall is exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and faces much more serious consequences.
Who is suffering the most from these crises? These are, first of all, employees of hired labor. Any bourgeois state in a crisis is primarily concerned with the income of the ruling class. It is the capitalists who are given generous government subsidies and tax breaks. The working people receive practically nothing from these bounties.
For example, Air Baltic received a €250 million grant this year, but is making massive layoffs of more than 300 employees. Another state-owned company, Latvian Railways, received 27 million euros in subsidies and another 32 million to increase its fixed capital, but this year it will cut to a quarter of railway workers. The fate of an ordinary worker who has lost his job in Latvia and is now deprived of even the opportunity to go abroad to earn money, is of no interest to any of the ruling parties.
How to protect yourself from dismissal? How to keep your job, earnings and the ability to feed your family? There are two ways to do this:
1. Try to please the boss. To please him, to assent, to grovel, to expose your comrades so that they will be fired, not you. In no case should you contradict the owner, not demand an increase in wages, normal working conditions, or compliance with labor laws. Work harder and harder, take overtime, give all your strength and health so that the owner does not decrease profits, so that his family, and not yours, is cheerful, carefree and healthy.
2. Remain Human. Maintain your dignity. Know your legal rights and be aware of your objective interests. Unite with your other comrades who want to remain Human. To fight together for our right, for the common interest of the workers, for the future of their children.
If you decide to go the second way, then this issue of our newspaper is for you. In it you will find some tips and tricks.
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