Progressive Forces: Who And Where Are You?

During the recent elections to the Riga City Council, there were calls to “unite around progressive forces” in order to prevent the dense conservatives and national patriots from winning. A logical question arises: what are “progressive forces”? Obviously, this is the kind of force that will lead society along the path of development, not regression. But where are we offered to find it? Let’s try to figure it out.

What we have

Now we live under capitalism, or more precisely, in its last stage – imperialism. This is the monopoly stage of capitalism, in which the market (along with all its “invisible hands”) has long been undermined.

In this world, Latvia has been assigned the place of a state of peripheral capitalism, a source of cheap labor, a market for foreign goods, and in military terms, a springboard for the deployment of the armed forces.

The ruling class has one task – to squeeze out of the working people and appropriate the maximum possible profit, even at the cost of the final withdrawal of the entire country into oblivion! And due to its economic weakness, it is forced to directly serve the interests of capital based in countries – imperialist predators, primarily in the United States. Therefore, the ruling class in Latvia has no interest in the development or even preservation of industry, agriculture, education, science and healthcare.

Only the blind cannot see that there is no free international policy in Latvia. – That’s what we have objectively at the moment.

When did it happen?

Until 1991, the development of Latvia followed the communist path, objectively more progressive than the capitalist path. But the counter-revolution temporarily triumphed and threw the country back to the previous stage of development. Hence, what should truly progressive forces offer?

Obviously, the main task is to return the country to the socialist path of development. This is not an easy matter and therefore cannot be carried out at the request of individual people, even if they are very literate and courageous. But it is quite possible to strive to improve the living standards of workers, to achieve this both at the legislative level and through collective action, even in the current difficult times. Does any of the so-called progressive politicians mention workers or the working class in their statements? All of them stand for “all good and against all bad”, for an abstract reconciliation of the poor with the rich. All this is avoiding problems, not solving them. Therefore, in reality, any bourgeois and petty bourgeois party serves only the ruling class and no one else.

Can there be individuals in such parties who really want progress and building a just society together with other representatives of the working majority? Of course yes, and we are waiting for such people. But there are many of them, and this is despite the constant propaganda from the bourgeois media about the delights of capitalism and the “communist utopia”.

Scientists, teachers and even representatives of the petty bourgeoisie can realize the entire backwardness of the capitalist system, which does not allow humanity to fully develop, which, in its death throes, is now destroying entire countries and peoples.

Of course, there are also working people, poisoned by petty-bourgeois consciousness and dreaming of becoming rich and living off the exploitation of the working man. But after getting acquainted with Marxism (the science of the development of society), their illusions quickly disappear.

Free the working people from the power of capital – this is what all the progressive forces of the country should declare, if they are truly progressive! And not only to declare (as, for example, the Socialist Party), but also to prove their progressiveness in practice: agitating, explaining, teaching, organizing and, finally, winning.