Report on the Distribution of Newspapers to the Workers of the Riga Dairy Plant

Riga. June 4, 2021 17:30-19:45. 80 newspapers “Workers’ Struggle” #1 were handed out at the entrance of the Riga Dairy Plant.

They took it well, about 10 people refused. They work in shifts 2 through 2 for 12 hours, coming in for the evening shift at 17:00. and leaving the day shift at about 19:00. They come evenly, one person at a time. The workers say they recently raised their wages by 50 euros, in general, the conditions are good for them, but the work is hard. The end of the working day is floating – it depends on the output of the mass.

Immediately the guard asked us to leave the gate to hand out the newspapers at the bus stop. We stayed at the gate. An hour later, the municipal police came, they didn’t have anything against us, said “not to distribute aggressively”. We told them that there were no complaints from the workers. They took the newspaper, stayed to see how we handed out and left after 20 minutes.

It is better to come at 16.30 and hand out until 20.30, there is not a dense stream of people to come or go in large groups at once.

Comrade Fut, comrade Fyodorov