Report on the Distribution of Newspapers to Workers

Riga. May 31, 2021 18:30-19:30. 110 newspapers “Workers’ Struggle” (No. 1) were distributed at the entrance of the plywood factory “Lignums”. We could have given away more if we had it with us. Most workers came out after the shift. We handed out with the words: “Newspaper for workers”, “We specially printed”, “Useful newspaper, read at your leisure”. They took it willingly, especially after the words “newspaper for workers”, it made people happy, they said: “Let’s read.” Only 5% of people refused to take the newspaper, including the DPD courier. There were about 30% of young people, about 40% of women. Most of the people were extremely welcoming.

The first worker we saw was a young plywood filler (after a 12-hour shift), was very happy with the newspaper, went out, read it, came back, gave a few comments. He told us that he was transferred from piece-rate pay to hourly – now no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to earn more, but when you work, time flies faster. He was indignant at the “old people” who work 12 hours without a lunch break.

The factory used to have its own factory newspaper, published on the personal initiative of one of the bosses, who was later promoted and abandoned the newspaper. He communicated with the workers, collected local news. Many people mistook our newspaper for the factory newspaper, saying: “Finally. That shows that the workers demanded the paper. We told them that they now had a new newspaper.

One man, seeing the newspaper, said: “The elections are soon”. When he found out that the newspaper was not related to the elections, he asked: “Are you sure?”, took the newspaper, was satisfied and left.

Ten percent of the people stopped, started reading, asked questions. They asked what kind of organization it is. Half of those who received the paper looked at the headlines.

Two women asked how to write to the newspaper. We explained to them that the newspaper is independent, and it is necessary to write to it, indicated the requisites.

The guards did not come to us. We handed out 1-2 meters from the entrance to the factory building.

Comrade Efimov, comrade Fedorov