Riga City Council Elections

Today an ordinary citizen of Riga faces a painful question. Who to vote for in the elections to the Riga City Council? The current bourgeois state does not offer the people so many answers.

For the bourgeois party “Consent” (“Saskaņa”), which has betrayed its voters, which has recently recommended to the Belarusians the whole set of those Latvian plunders that both Latvia and Ukraine have already stepped on? Because of which the Latvian industry, transit, were destroyed, agricultural land was sold. Because of which the Latvian workers are forced to seek their fortune abroad.

For xenophobic, nationalistic on the verge of Nazism “National Association” with a single organ in the head, for many years already creaking “the Russians are coming”?

For the nomenklatura “New Unity” (“Jaunā Vienotība”), repainted from the bankrupt and hated by all the old “Unity” (“Vienotība”)?

For the hysterical “New Conservatives,” mired in corruption schemes?

For the “Latvian Russian Union” with the only positive point of their programme – the protection of education in the native language – with the fundamental impossibility of fulfilling this point at the level of municipal authorities?

For other “one-off” parties and associations created for the elections and trying to attract the voter only by the novelty of faces and advertising banners, but not ideas and plans?

For the ideas and plans of all parties, without exception, are to put their people in the right seats and redistribute financial flows in their favor and in favor of their sponsors. Alas, no other goal or other life values are envisaged under capitalism. No party puts the objective interests of working people first. Everyone is just lavishing sugary rhetoric about caring for residents, mentally counting the profits and kickbacks that they can get on these projects of theirs.

What is left? Ethnic voting? But capital has no nationality, and the example of the “Russian mayor” clearly showed this. What then? Nice looks, persuasive speech, colorful advertising brochures? Yes, many shallow people vote not with their mind, but with their heart and emotions. This is a reliable way to preserve the old order, to legitimize the rotten government.

So for whom?

And is it worth even hoping that a good uncle will solve all your problems, and pay such attention to the elections?

Conscientious worker, draw the conclusion yourself!

This is how elections are held in capitalist countries. Educational qualification, property qualification, loyalty check, residency qualification, electoral tax.
In socialist society a deputy is a servant of the people.