Semi-colonial Countries are Left to Themselves

About the Situation in the World

I would like to write about the first weeks of the economic-viral crisis and about the contradictions that he aggravated both between states and within these states themselves.

Suddenly, the inability of the European Union as a united and cohesive organization of equal states to react to the challenges it faces was revealed. Each participating country takes sole decisions without the consent of other members of the Union. And, as in other issues, the priority remains for the most economically developed states, the semi-colonial countries are left to themselves. It is very similar to a corporate event that promotes the association of exploiters and their obedient administration with the exploited. And as soon as the crisis and layoffs begin, all joint holidays immediately fade to the background and pragmatic economic relations of labour market relations come to the surface. The overseas imperialists are also staying awake and offered a billion dollars to a German pharmaceutical company to produce a vaccine against the virus exclusively for the citizens of the United States.

Inside each country, contradictions between financial groups for a share of the state budget (i.e. our money), for our own support during the crisis are also growing. Nobody wants to lose profit.

Speaking about Latvia, several companies have already submitted notifications on termination of their activities and dismissal of their employees – about 1660 people (not counting 1.5 thousand workers of LZD and others who are already preparing for dismissal). Therefore, which of the capitalist groups will have more leverage on the state apparatus, that one will have beneficial tax breaks and financial support. Smaller ones will be consumed by larger ones. Also, as you have noticed, the prices of some goods in demand have been raised – it is silly not to take advantage of this opportunity. And people who express their dissatisfaction with such actions cause tenderness. What did you expect? You are robbed daily, every minute, and now suddenly the business becomes “socially responsible,” tearful and ready to give up profits? During World War II, Nazi Germany received tremendous help from financial capital, which in turn earned huge profits from this. Essentially, nothing has changed since then.

Such states as China, Cuba, Venezuela, which donated and voluntarily offered assistance to all countries in need, stand apart. And even the ardent anti-communists, squeaking their teeth, have to accept this help, which once again shows the hypocrisy of the capitalist world. For example, Cuba rescues coronavirus-infected passengers on a British cruise ship, that the United States and other capitalist countries have abandoned.

China is sending a huge shipment of personal protective equipment to Latvia.

Many dream of uniting all the people of the planet into a single society that is capable of meeting any challenge and of ensuring development and prosperity for all. But it must be remembered that any union of capitalist states will be unequal and unreliable. Only socialist countries tend to unite on the basis of true equality! Only obsolete capitalism, wich clings to last opportunities to extend his life.

Conscious worker